Crippling Developers & Roblox Communities - An Argument for the Reversal of the Blanket Discord Ban

I agree that support should be supported again. I in fact intended to bring the community closer together, and give people a chance for immediate interaction. This blanket ban essentially has really crippled that idea.


Perhaps it’s best to place this in a context that could best resonate with the Roblox team.

One could arguably state that over the past year, Roblox has been attempting to define itself as a content-creation platform for serious developers, in an attempt to bring more professional-looking games to the front page. This effort has been spearheaded by the DevEx program, monetization opportunities and a revamped wiki to allow for a greater understanding of this vast, complex platform.

If it’s Roblox’s intention to rival other content-creation platforms, as I believe it is, then I propose the following question: How can we do so without being able to properly engage with, and communicate with our communities?

I fully grasp and understand Roblox’s need to clamp down on what websites users can be linked to, from both a user security and a business standpoint. It has been Roblox’s long-time goal to keep kids safe, and I believe all of us here, for the sake of our communities, understand and support this goal.

Nevertheless, if Roblox is truly trying to re-shape itself as a content-creation platform, their next direct move is to work with the Discord team to un-ban this platform and bring it back to the wider Roblox audience; all the while working to maintain the community safe while in this essential communication platform.

I have no doubt the DevForum community is not only willing, but eager to work with Roblox to make sure that users remain safe while on Discord, and I look forward to seeing Roblox kickstart this discussion to the benefit of their own platform.


Agreed, where’s Discord support at?!?


Also, for some odd reason Roblox keeps Facebook (a site for people over 18) on there. Discord has no harm and it’s just used for communication. Even if Discord’s for over 13 y/o, take a look at Facebook. I’m pretty sure a lot of kids have started to use Facebook ever since they “partnered” with Roblox.

Might want to take a look at this, by far, this is one of the most horrible decisions. Bring support for Discord, it’s fun, it’s useful, it’s awesome.


Facebook only requires you to be at least thirteen years old to have an account. However, the reason for Roblox allowing Facebook is because they can see account posts without an account unlike Discord which requires you to be a member of the Discord server with an account.

Disclaimer: I still support Roblox allowing Discord links, I’m just explaining the reasoning behind Roblox’s decision

Have you seen the comments? They’re horrible, imagine children scrolling through comments like those


Discord certainly brings developers together and is a great way to form development teams and start up new projects quickly and easily. Support.


Inspiring developers used discord webhooks to relay information back to their discord servers. Using this method, developers were able to be aware of bugs that occur frequently in servers by reading through the feedback and bug reports they receive through the feedback UI in-game. Discord webhooks let developers patch bugs and glitches 10x faster. Imagine if a game breaking bug is found out and players all across the servers start abusing it. In the end, eventually only about 10 users who actually have discord finally report it in your community server, it wouldn’t be too late, but it would have took long enough for some players to quit your game for the time-being. It would be essential to have discord back in the game so that we can connect text channels in our discord servers to little feedback GUI’s in roblox. :grinning:

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You can still use Discord webhooks in Roblox games just fine as long as you route it through a proxy that abides by the API limits and interprets status codes correctly (this is what you should be doing in the first place). Discord will not lift the ban on Roblox game servers because Roblox does not provide a proper API to read response headers and the like, so this is a moot discussion point on this thread.


I support this wholeheartedly considering all the reasons Roblox gave for having discord as a prohibited link are moot at this point in time. I’m sure however there are internal reasons for why they’re concerned about discord, but discord arguably is more safe than (if not just as safe as) twitter, facebook and twitch.


:smile: like this


Major support man. And btw- discord lets people join a server as a guest without needing to sign up for an account. Or atleast that was a feature last time I checked


You can make it so a user has to have a verified email in order to post on your server, and there are many ways to moderate swear words and bad content.


And so berezza leads in with another shocking post with a staggering number of likes. But he isn’t wrong in what he says, at all. Such passion for the platform should not be ignored; not only is he concerned with expanding his own community but this can also be considered getting Roblox out there in the world beyond what we could’ve imagined possible years ago.

I completely support this post.

Did this become the new most-liked post and surpass his previous topic regarding the games page?


True as well. Most servers also offer strict punishments for people posting NSFW content out of the NSFW channel (if they even have one) which is another good thing.


Twitter, YouTube and Twitch are the allowed links on the site. The difference with Discord compared to those three sites is that it’s primary an all in one text and voice chat which means you’re talking to other people in real time. YouTube and Twitch streams do the same because of the chat but the main focus is on the streamer whereas Discord is all sorts of people. Discord servers are invite-only so invites can be shared to selected people as well as you can create as many invites as you want or even delete one. Since Discord is a text and voice chat in real time, people can talk to anyone or even go straight to DMs and talk just about anything without anyone seeing. Now you could say the same thing with Twitter DMs but Twitter is not just focused on real time chats. That’s not it’s primary focus. Every single thing in Discord is a real time chat with other people, every single thing. When you hop into Discord, you straight away able to talk to other people whether it be in a private server, public server or just simply a 1 on 1 in either text, voice or video chat. This is definitely a safety concern for Roblox and I think it’s why they banned it.

Discord has many safety features like turning friend requests off, friends of friends, server members or everyone. Discord has a feature where it scans inappropriate images and automatically refuses to send to the recipient if it is deemed inappropriate which you can turn on for nobody, everyone except friends or everyone so senders can’t send things like that. Discord has a feature where you can restrict DMs to just friends only (defaults to server members). The servers are invite-only so the person is able to leave the server and lose communication from that server at their wish. There’s many Roblox Discord servers that have a full-on moderation team that work efficiently well and typically have rules that respect the Roblox rules. The biggest benefit with Discord is that it allows developers to connect effectively to their community and right now, Discord is the best tool to do that.


Hm. I wonder how would it be if they allowed Verified Servers. They have strict rules against the server. You have to do the most strict scanming and its pretty much safe.

The links are easy to recognize as they have the custom invites.

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This would be an unfair advantage for large games, as not all servers can attain that status.


I realize. It’s still a way of recognizing… :confused:


Discord links are back and will be allowed on the game page (along with 2 other social media links) to over 13s!! :smile: