"CSGDictionaryService" error spam in the console

Yesterday i wanted to test new systems with my friend and we joined the test place.
I have noticed this spam in the console that didnt appear in the studio.

Bugs occured with this:
Some animations didnt load or some local scripts ran very poorly.

I thought it was a virus, so i tried using the “Anti-Virus” plugin, but it didnt detect any viruses.
I also deleted some unused plugins, but error spam still occurs when i join the test place.

Can someone tell me what is this?

You should manually review the content of CSGDictionaryService to ensure it’s not an unwanted script or content.You can learn more @

(An “anti-virus” plugin cannot always show the truth)

If it is a bug, please report it as appropriate. #platform-feedback


Based on the strange characters, it seems to be malicious scripts and not a bug. Use the plugin referred to in this thread to attempt getting rid of the malicious scripts:

Please also check over all your installed plugins and have your contractors do the same. You or a contractor most likely installed a plugin that they believed to be the original, but was actually a reupload by a malicious user.


Someone sent me a img which is very similar to what you have. This is just a malicious script.

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It’s definitely related to what @railworks2 sent.

To clarify some of those errors, Synapse Xen Script are obfuscated scripts from a popular exploit tool SynapseX. This tool can create some heavily obfuscated scripts.
(DM me if you wanna chat more about this, to prevent going too off topic)

Also OP, if click that tick button for the post when you have a valid solution.

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Obfuscation is very pointless in Lua. The ones I have seen are very bad XD.

It’s more than enough to keep inexperienced scripters out.
Even though every script can be unobfuscated, it certainly adds to difficulty of reading the code.

The synapseX obfuscation is really sophisticated. It essentially splits every original character into a unfathomable nonsense.


You clearly haven’t seen much obfuscation then, lua obfuscation is definitely a real and very annoying thing, especially when you’re trying to work out what exploit code does.

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Thanks, this plugin detected and deleted all that crap and now the game runs smoothly.

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