CS:GO Surf/Bhop Recreation - Development Feedback And Suggestions

About two weeks ago I started playing CS:GO again after seeing some old videos pop up in my Youtube recommendations. I usually liked hanging out in community surf and bhop servers so I recently decided it would fun to try and challenge myself to recreate them on Roblox.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, here are some videos that might help you understand.

I started work on the project three days ago and I have a decent amount of the movement finished. I didn’t begin any work on any collision detection yet, but I did make a quick ground cast function as a placeholder so I could test the movement.

I’d like like some feedback on what I could improve about the movement (Is the jumping too high? Is the movement too slow?, etc) or suggestions on what I should add into the game (Map zoning options, Styles, Chat commands, etc).


EPIC Sideways Strafes

More EPICer Backward Strafes

Are you guys interested in playing the game when it releases?

  • I will play
  • I might play
  • I won’t play

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Edit: Removed the source code because I’d rather release it when it’s fully finished.


That looks really cool! Are you going to open source the code?

I’m planning on releasing it as a game so it won’t be open sourced. :frowning:

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that’s a bummer, maybe you should consider looking at this thread.

I’ll think about open sourcing the code sometime in the future.

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It is fine :smiley:. Just wanted to know.

Movement isn’t really my code anyways. It was just translated from C++ to lua so I guess I’m fine with open sourcing only the movement.

Here’s the real source.

Thanks! That is quite interesting.

As someone who’s an avid bhopper on csgo this definitely looks like something i’ll play. I wouldn’t be able to critique on the movement itself without playing the game, but it looks pretty sick from the videos you shared.

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There’s already a bhopping game though. https://www.roblox.com/games/252877716/bhop Just so you would know.

I already know about that game but I feel like it’s missing a lot of the core elements that csgo and css have. I’d like to make my own version as accurate as possible to something you’d experience on a normal csgo server.

As a CS:GO player, I’d say that the bhop game created by @Quaternions looks as accurate as CS:GO bhopping, the movement to me looks the same. The physics do not have to be identical to CS:GO’s in order for you to achieve a CSGO bhop look-a-like experience.

However, I have some suggestions. If you are going to make something which has already been created before, you should definitely make your game stand out because if you do not it will just die. I noticed that Qauternion’s game has really low quality maps & detail and also it has really small maps which makes it really frustrating and hard to bhop. You can definitely make more interesting maps in your new bhop game, it is all about the map when playing bhop. You can also remake CS:GO maps like CB:RO did with their game. That would be really cool. You can also enable players to create their own maps and play them on their private server. I noticed that in your demo videos, there was no crosshair or hands. If possible please add those 2 things along with crosshair customization because it is really weird for a lot of people to bhop without them. Also your maps in the demos look really nice, they are big and they look like a map you’d find on CS:GO. Good job.

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This is really nice, I love it.

I had about 20 of the top players from his community give me some feedback and suggestions on what they’d like to see in the game. Each one of them expressed wanting the movement to be EXACTLY the same as the source engine.

They tested out my movement and they all said that my version is entirely different and closer to CS:GO and CS:S than Quaternion’s version.

I’ve shared some planned features with Quaternions’ community and it looks like there’s a huge interest in my version of the game. It already looks like the game is already standing out in the Roblox bhop/surf community.

The biggest difference between my version is that I allow mesh collision support. Map makers will be able to port maps from CS:GO or CS:S directly into the game with the tools I’ll be releasing in #development-resources:community-resources later in the future.

I’ll have a plugin that imports the movement into studio so you can test your maps instantly.

Planning on adding both of those in the future.


That map was only for testing movement, but maps will generally be around that size.


Is this done yet? I want to use the movement script if you could also provide bhopping movement.

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