Current icon for my game! Any suggestion to improve it?


I suggest resizing it to around 500x500, any duplicate number really.
I also suggest re-making the title. A new font + shadow would really improve it!


Alright thanks! Any suggestion on which font to use?

I would rate 5.5/10. Reason? You can improve by first adding more details about the game, something more captivating and grabbing users’ attention. Next, you can export this into a OBJ file, and render it as a GFX in Blender, here’s a tutorial if you need one:

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Alright thanks! I will make sure to watch it and show my finished product once I am done.

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so far nice but the font needs some work. I suggest adding a different background and some lighting for the icon. Add some effects to the image. honestly not bad so far.

Suggest taking a minute to learn Blender and making a simple render with nice-looking lighting and using 500x500px for your icon size, throw it into an editing software add some effects like a trail of some sort. And making an eye-grabbing logo, a great place to learn is Basics of Game Logo Design Process and Base Structuring Tutorial [Jan9 Update]. It’s an extremely informative and helpful guide for new designers.

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I guess Iceland or Iceberg would look cool with it. Probably in a simple clock design too.