[CURRENTLY CLOSED] Looking to hire a professional/experienced UI Designer!

About the job
I’m in need of professionally redone UI for my upcoming project. I’ve made placeholder UI, but I’ve really been pursuing this project lately, so I’m desiring to get completely remade UI for the game, with a professional look, hence, I’m looking for an experienced digital designer. :slight_smile:

The number of UI frames, for the whole game, is relatively small. There are several larger frames, such as the menu obviously, a simple shop with multiple categories (Player Skins / Currency Purchases), and some game UI such as armor/energy meters, simple player inventory, etc.


Would be in Robux, I’m willing to pay around 40K for some high-quality UI.
I can pay more if you’re willing to build the finished GUI in Studio with proper scaling as well!

Contact me!

please have a variety of work examples available!

If you’re at all interested, please hit me up on my Discord! My tag is Simply_Dev2#9178

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Not sure if I am professional, but I’m specialized in making menus or loading screens. And any UI I make is always scaled and fits for all devices. And I can do it for a cheap payment (might sound unprofessional) but you can pay me for 1 ui (like menu) and if you like it, you can hire me?

You can find every details about me in my portofolio


I’d recommend @TedArthur but I’m not sure if he’s within your price range so another option could be @ch00chuf1 . Also if your looking for any assistance in regards to Game Design or Project Management for your project feel free to contact me Rummy#0001 .


Hello C_Sharper,
I am interested in the position. I don’t know if I’m professional but I do believe my work is good.
I am able to properly scale frames in studio and have a bunch of past experience creating menus, inventories, and such.

Please, if you have the chance, contact me via Discord:


I’m interested in the position if it is still open. I believe I have the skill to redo the UI for your project.
Youu can view my portfolio here: devTig3r | UI Designer

My Discord is devTig3r#2580


Hi! I am very interested. I contacted you on Discord (PalmCrafter#8841), so look out for my FR :wink:


Hey @C_Sharper ! I wonder if you need a gfx artist, if so I will be happy to apply as I have a great skill in that field…
Feel free to contact me on discord : Ay-Men#7917

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