Cursor Infinitely stuck loading when inserting models

Hey Everyone,
I’ve gotten this bug about 10 times now. It’s very annoying, what happens is that my cursor gets stuck loading (blue loading circle)
This occurs when I insert a large model from the toolbox and it takes a while to be inserted.

Gif of what I mean:

It started happening about 2 weeks ago now. To make it disappear, you just need to restart studio, however this is often annoying.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the toolbox
  2. Find a big model(often mesh)
  3. Insert it into studio
  4. While it’s being inserted, open any other window, and wait a minute or so.
  5. Go back into studio
  6. You should now notice this bug.

System Specs:
Nvida 1080 3GB GPU
AMD Ryzen R5 6 core CPU
8GB Ram

I hope this can be fixed!


Hi Little_Joes,

It seems there’s some disconnect from what I’m seeing when trying to reproduce this versus what you are seeing. When inserting a large model from the toolbox, the blue loading circle does not appear. What I do see is an “Inserting” green loading bar at the bottom of the window:

Could you send another Gif of the full Studio window starting from before you insert a big model from the toolbox? There may be something I can pick up on based on when the blue loading circle appears.

Also if you could send logs that could help track down what’s happening as well: How to post a Bug Report - #12 by Roblox



I’ve been experiencing this as well. I don’t have a reliable way to replicate it, but every time it’s happened I have been editing scripts. I’m not certain but I think it’s occurring when auto-recovery file are created. The cursor is still functional, but it’s stuck in the loading animation. It resolves itself if you run/play/test or close studio.


I have the same exact bug. Problem still hasn’t been fixed though. Still experiencing this as I import meshes.


Still happening when something happens while the cursor is showing loading while trying to autosave


This has happened even when just opening places too, not 100% of the time though


I get this whenever I union and studio decides to autosave. It is really annoying because I have to restart studio. Also it doesn’t matter on the size of union, any union will cause it with autosaving.

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This seems to be an exact way to reproduce this because it has happened to me this way twice.

Start uploading any asset (unions included), and if Studio decides to autosave in that exact moment, once Studio unfreezes your mouse will be stuck on the “Busy” cursor.

However you can Play Solo and your cursor will revert back to normal.

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I was not aware of a way to fix the cursor other than restarting studio. I will try that the next time it happens to me.


Sorry for the bump -

I can testify that this bug exists. I’ve noticed it off and on for a year or two now. Seems to directly correlate with Studio autosaving at the wrong moments (when you are inserting a model/mesh/unioning).

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I can confirm that this bug exists. I have to restart the studio every time it happens to get rid of the cursor. It still stays even when I test the game.


This happens to me too. I have no way to reproduce it. Randomly, the loading cursor will pop up and will not go away unless you fully quit and reopen studio. Very very frustrating and annoying.


From what I’ve seen, this happens easily when you playtest a large game, and it autosaves while loading. This is very annoying, considering you have to close and relaunch Studio to fix it.

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This bug has occurred for me too on plenty of occasions. I personally started having these bugs after Windows 11 was installed on my PC. I do not know if those two are related though. No exact reproduction steps as far as I know. It’s random.

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Nearly 2 years later I’m still having this issue. It’s extremely annoying and needs to be fixed.


Cursor Infinitely stuck loading happens also when doing the following:

  • Clicking on “Play Solo”, “Play” and “Run” in studio at the same time when the game auto saves or creates a recovery file.
  • Clossing a test session in studio at the same time when the game auto saves or creates a recovery file.
  • Using/stopping to debug at the same time when the game auto saves or creates a recovery file.
  • Moving object in workspace at the same time when the game auto saves or creates a recovery file.

I will update my post when I encounter a differrent way. We also have auto recovery enabled for every 5 minutes as we work in a TeamCreate and disconnect often.

How to fix it?
The only way to fix it, is re-opening your studio.

When did it start happening?
The auto saves or creates a recovery file bug appeared to happen since an update in Februari 2022.

In what experience does the bug happen?

  • All experiences that use TeamCreate (I only work in TeamCreates)
  • Also all our other developers are having these issues.

exact same issue here. I’ve been struggling w/ this for ages

Also have this issue and as someone stated previously, it’s typically when your game is auto saving or automatically updating something. Having a correlation with teamcreate as well. As aforementioned, restarting studio often will cause it to go away.

I will say that, for me, to minimize the risk of this pesky loading cursor (for me it’s a hourglass on my pc). You have to publish often and make sure that you are saving frequently in order to prevent the overload from happening in the first place. Cause even if the model shows up, or in my case, the mesh(s), the cursor will stay there and interfere with general workflow

Publish or save frequently. Annoys a lot of builders and 3d artists :slight_smile:

I believe this is an issue Roblox created recently

Roblox made some mistake, and now I just lost a date script (the most tedious things to do ever) without an AutoRecover file

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I’m not sure how to reproduce this but the bug is still present and it tends to happen after i stop testing the game especially with large maps/long scripts