Curved Thin Cylinders / Curved Paths

1. Needing Help with a Traffic Light with cylinders.

What do you want to achieve? Making a Traffic Light. Its been successful except for these cylinders. Picture below (red circle is the curved cylinder.)

These are one of the parts I can’t make. Any one could find a model similar to the cylinder circled above or teaching me to make it would be appreciated (Meshes for me don’t work they just end up to thick).

2. Curved Paths

What do you want to achieve? Making paths which fit around buildings and roads.

I am terribly bad at making curved paths. I try unions and wedges and they fail. I don’t even understand how to make it fit around the road or building. Here is a picture of the curved path I want below (red circle is the curved path)

Like I said I’m terribly bad at making this so please could someone teach me how to, os I can fit it around the roads and buildings?


It’s pretty damn hard to do it without tooling although it’s possible.

But, using tooling saves alot of time and makes it perfect.

Try learning about Archimedes.
It’s one of those actual useful plugins out there, read the post and you’ll know what to do.


Seems good so far. Thank you sir. I will watch YouTube to understand this plugin more but its working out for me!

About the tutorial, I suggested RoBuilder to make one for the newest version.

Here it is

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:+1::+1: Thank you so much. I am happy with this plugin. I am going to watch the tutorial now.

One more thing. I am struggling to make the cylinder thinner but it when i try to make it thinner the cylinder just shrinks instead of getting thinner. Does the plugin or Studio provide anything to help me with that?

Set the alignment mode to outside, make the curve, after that, manually put spheres between the gaps.

If that seems too much, just do it with parts.