Custom 3D GUI Game Engine With Textures

A Clevo with an i7 7700HQ, but the iGPU is busted so I’m forced to render using Microsoft Basic Driver as passthrough for my GTX 1070.

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hm, that’s not too bad. Good thing i’m currently working on optimising the renderer rn. So stay tuned, as I plan to make this run real time for pretty much all devices. While running on a single thread


I’ve tried to make a version of this renderer but with multi threads, but roblox decides that 20 threads is too much and instantly crashes my entire studio with no error message and doesn’t save my progress.


This is extremely cool and nostalgic! I love doom-styled games! My only critique is the resolution… bruuh.


Sadly the resolution is a bad limitation of how Roblox allows us to make custom rendering, that is because when we insert too many frames and change their color/size EVERY FRAME it begins to lag alot, that is why I want a feature which allows devs to color pixels on the screen instead.


If roblox had an actual canvas instance, it would make rendering faaaaar more performant since everything is controlled by the GPU when setting pixels. Using frames and manually calculating the pixels is sooo imperformant for high resolutions.

My racaster here doesn’t use per-pixel calculations, as it uses a frame for every column and I am only doing calculations for every column. So this thing can run very well on high resolutions. For example, I could have a resolution of 250 and i would still run 60 FPS which is very impressive for a custom engine in roblox


One of these days somebody’s going to be able to remake the DOOM engine, awesome work!

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Sooner then you expect

Will this be open source? if so when? I really like this I want to create my own game using this!

well thing is, it’s still the ROBLOX engine. It just “looks” like doom. I’ve also recently started work on an upgraded version of this engine with textured floors and ceilings. So I guess this is now the closest thing to the DOOM engine in roblox (it’s just missing enemies and guns)


I don’t plan to open source this at the moment. There are also heaps of problems that I would need to fix too. I would also need to clean up the code a bit since it’s quite a mess. It is also still partially an unfished project.


Sorry to bother, but I’m working on my own version of this right now. How did you translate this into textures?

Oh I never ended up using this method. The scaling was way too confusing to work with. Especially with some textures having different resolutions

Oh, thank god its not only me, thanks.

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Isn’t this a “Pseudo” 3d engine? In this definition, I mean that we cannot turn our camera by y or z, only x, but still amazing work you put into that project

Yeah you are correct. it is pseudo 3D. Also thanks

This is actually incredibly impressive goodness.

How could I learn more about this? I have been trying to figure it out for a while but I can’t get a good grip on the algorithm.


Are you using the textured part as a ceiling? (inside the building)

nope. This is works with a pixel grid.

This engine is now powered by CanvasDraw

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