Custom character handling

Anyone know how to handle characters with your own kind of system. For example what phantom forces does. So when the character spawns they don’t actually have the model applied as a character but they can still control the model/character.


create your own rig or character, name the model “StarterCharacter” and put it inside StarterPlayer


Sure that could work but I mean how they get the characters, interact with them etc. I want to try and help reduce the amount of cheats there can be for my game like aimbot, esp etc as most people just use “global scripts” and aren’t able to make their own and those who can wont be able to so quickly.

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I suggest you look into Chickynoids.

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Sorry I don’t understand, I never played phantom forces too so I don’t know what you’re talking about

Thats fine. I used to like to reverse games for my own enjoyment to understand how exploiting works and have a deeper connection with it.

I will for now leave this as the solution as this appears to give me what I am looking for. Thank you!

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