Custom Color Playerlist name

Is there someway to have a rainbow color name if your like a group administrator or creator of the place using the playerlist, or do I need to like create my own playerlist to do this?

If so. How would I be able to do rainbow color?


There are many topics on this;

This here in particular matches what you are asking for. And this is another resource you might want to look at: Chat coding: Working with tags and name colours?.

I was meaning the player leaderboard, not the chat.

You will need to create your own custom leaderboard to achieve this.

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Oops, my fault.

There’s no way to directly manipulate the leaderboard AFAIK, so yeah, you may have to start from scratch (as UnderMyWheel) mentioned.

You’d have keep track of all players in-game and actively communicate relevant info (i.e: group roles, …) to the client with remote objects. Everything related to the UI would then be handled on the client.


Ultimately. In order to achieve this you will need to create your own PlayerList, as you’re unable to modify Roblox’s CoreGui’s. I’ll provide a link to a post in which provides a good tutorial on how to go by creating a custom PlayerList.

When it comes to creating the Rainbow colour on the PlayerList. You can use TweenService to tween the colour of the text between the colours you want. If you wish to have every letter be a different colour. Because TextLabel’s at this moment in time, don’t support multi-coloured text. You’ll need to create your own method on doing so.