Custom Developer Products

Looks like you havn’t done your config right, Make sure there is NO spaces between them so COOKIE=RBLXSECUIRYTOKEETC (If in .ENV)

if its in a settings.json for Example.

"cookie": "RBLXCOOKIE"
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Adding on to what HttpBilly said: this error can also occur if the account in question does not have permission to create and edit developer products for the place, as without this permission it cannot function. The only way to achieve this at the moment is through a group game with the bot account given edit place access. With the current Team Create system, it’s not possible unless you enable the Beta Team Create permission system.
Either do this, or if it’s a group game then the bot will need to have edit place access in that group.

This seems like the issue as this has happened to someone prior to this, but the error message does not make it clear. Hopefully this solves the issue!

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Alrighty. Thanks to the both of ya! :^)

ps: got it working what what you suggested

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Is this still in service? I keep trying and keep getting errors so I just thought maybe it was to out dated.

I just tried my custom donations place and it seemed to work perfectly fine, so this still functions as intended. The only issue is the lack of descriptive error messages.

I have, however, submitted a pull request anyway to update to the latest API endpoint and actually return the error messages that it returns. This wasn’t possible with the old endpoint as it didn’t return any info in the event of a failed request.

Once this PR is accepted, and a release containing it is out, I’ll update my code to use the latest version of Noblox.js so errors aren’t so ambiguous. For now, you could go through the errors in this table and make sure your setup doesn’t cause any of them:

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Will this work fine if I increase number of users in my game? Your testing place has max players 1 which makes me doubtful. Please confirm. Moreover, when I checked no one else was playing.

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Yes, there is no reason why it would not support multiple users. The demo place could have any server size and still work, I just decided to limit it to a single player.

Keep in mind the demo place is not the best, I didn’t spend too much time on it and there will be some unhandled error cases as a result. For the best UX, implement the system yourself.

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Keep in mind that I, @IvanGregrovnich, @gaminmasterrrr and many others have worked in conjunction with ROBLOX’s Back End web team, we have conducted things such as releasing useful and hidden endpoints, dumping apis etc, if anyone needs something that is Web Api related, we will most likely know it.

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Update: v1.1.0

No major changes, the majority of this update was to restructure the codebase to increase maintainability.

Overview of the update:

  • Endpoint structure remains the same
  • Server key is now required to be set
  • Separated Express.js routes into separate directory
  • Separated utility functions into modules in a separate directory
  • Moved package.json to top level (node entry point changed)
  • Updated README and LICENSE for correctness
  • Minor changes to examples
  • Error handling improvements
  • Switched to latest version of noblox.js (4.9.0)

The restructure should (hopefully) make cloning and deploying the project easier than it was previously. Diagnosing and resolving errors should be easier now with the improved error handling - however, some noblox.js related errors are still a bit ambiguous and/or misleading.

The game doesn’t work???

Also expecting to release a Roblox model anytime soon?

The game is working fine for me, I just tested it. Sometimes you have to wait a bit because the host I use goes into a hibernation state after a period of inactivity and it takes a while to start back up again.

Releasing a model doesn’t make sense at this point since the main dependency is an off-site web API that has to be hosted by each user. The donation game is just an example of a single use-case but a Luau module is available for use from the GitHub repository in the examples folder.

It doesn’t log the new DevProduct which just created. Is there any ways to fix it?

This is incredible! Are you sure Roblox allows this though? Isn’t this kind of spamming their servers unless you delete it after (which I don’t recall being possible)?

I’m also left asking, why Glitch? They don’t allow UptimeRobot or anything similar… Why not use or any other hosting service?

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this - the product creation should be logging to the console (and saved to the file). If you could elaborate further then I’d be happy to help.

I’ve not come across any rule that specifically states any reason why this would not be allowed. Requests are only made to Roblox’s API when a new product needs to be created; you could theoretically make the same number of developer products manually.

If they wanted to limit the number of products you could make, they would have a limit in place. You are correct in saying that there’s no way to delete products at the moment but I can’t imagine storing developer products on their servers takes up a considerable amount of space.

At the time when I made this, it was still possible to host on Glitch with no downtime for free. I completely agree that there are much better alternatives out there for free/cheap hosting. I haven’t bothered migrating the service that the example place uses to a different provider as, after all, it’s just a demo.

It still stands as a perfectly good example of the basic setup of the service so I have just left it as it is (for now).

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Great! Guess I should of thought about the limit thing :sweat:

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Decided to check it out for a second time… How is the latency so low? I almost instantly get the popup to buy the product! I can’t express how cool and helpful this could be if implemented into an actual game…

Also, with Open Cloud out, will you eventually migrate to that? (once they fully release the required features like devproducts, badges, gamepasses, etc)

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I mean every time players purchase a Product. System should log the Product Price and Product ID:


But, it didn’t log or save it which causing errors and you can’t buy 25 R$ product again if is created!

I’d be more than happy to use an in-house solution if and when this becomes available. Relying on Roblox’s web endpoints to not change spontaneously is certainly risky long-term.

Would you mind sharing the error you get with me? Send it either over Discord (General_Scripter#8281) or through DMs to avoid cluttering this thread.

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Yea sure! I will contact you via Discord!

Wait a minute, it seem to be fixed… I will contact you when it broken again!

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