Customizable FOV Changer

Hello Developers! Here’s a simple FOV Changer that I made!
Enjoy it!

Model: MORS FOV Changer - Roblox


Simple and useful, I like it. I’d suggest you to add a few more FOV options like 55, 90 or 100. Another thing is the list placement of selectable FOVs could be near the first button that opens it.

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Thanks for your feedback! I will eventually update it!

This looks interesting! Could you maybe show a video demonstration of how this works?

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It’s really simple. You get a button to the left side of the screen, and when you press it, you get a number of FOV options to choose from. When you press one, your field of view will be set to that value.


I’m very confused on what this resource is, are you able to describe to me what it is and maybe some videos/screenshots? The title gives me the feeling of free cam for some reason.

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FOV means Field of View. It changes the view angle of your camera on a 360 degree


Hello! I took the time this evening to update it myself, feel free to use it and tweak it to your needs if you’d like! Since I recently had to do something similar and had the knowledge of doing it up front in my mind already, I figured why not.

I went ahead and added a “READ ME” script that really goes into detail. But long story short I just adjusted some colors, font, borders/corners, and the main controller script.

I optimized what you had originally coded into one small for loop for all the FOV changer buttons, made the FOV tween so the transition is easier on the eyes, changed .MouseButton1Click to .Activated for easier compatibility with mobile devices, and added the TopbarPlus module to make the screen less cluttered if there’s other UI stuff planned.



Old UI

Updated UI

Get the Model

Updated FOV Gui - Roblox

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Thanks taking the time to make it!
I really like the UI nice job.

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