Damage other players with Left Arm and the Right Arm

Hello! Could someone help me? please…
I need to modify this code so that the damage is generated with the Left Arm and the Right Arm, how can I do it? someone could help me, please …

	print("Connected to light hit anim.")
	-- Damage functions
	local AttackDist = 10 --If a player is further than this value, they won't be damaged.

	for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do --Loops through all players.		
		if v.Character ~= nil and plr.Character ~= nil and v ~= plr then --Checks if there's a character
			local pRoot = plr.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
			local vRoot = v.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")

			if pRoot and vRoot and (plr.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position - v.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position).Magnitude < AttackDist then --Checks if the Root parts exist and if the player is in range.
				local Hum = v.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")

				if Hum and Hum.Health > 0 then --Checks if player is alive.
					Hum.Health = Hum.Health - 10 --Change "100" to the damage the player should take.

				--Stuff that happens when a player is in range.


Check out how it’s done here. Read the original post, but don’t forget about ReturnedTrue’s reply. I strongly support the idea of using rays to create better malee hitboxes. I also advise not looping through the list of all the players each time a punch is activated, but rather finding the part that was hit by the ray.