Data Export for the Transaction Page

In the current state, the Transaction page is difficult to get data out of. You either have to write a bot, or go through everything by hand by clicking “More Records” hundreds of times and manually inputting the transactions.

If Roblox created a button to export CSV, it would make it much easier for developers to manage their financials.

Additionally, this feature would go well with Search & Filter if you could export the results of a filter/search- this would let users create separate sheets for the sales of different asset types!


This functionality is much needed; there is currently no method for developers to obtain a record of all transactions that took place in their game in an usable format.

Around the release of my game Deathrun, we ran into an issue with our implementation of MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt which meant that some players had not correctly received all the things they had purchased. There was no way for me as a developer to obtain transaction records and fix this issue, and this can still affect developers today.

Scraping through HTML and requiring developers to build their own spreadsheets is ridiculous; obtaining transaction data in a readable format is a vital need of any business