Data Saving - DataStoreService

Heyo everyone. So, I’m certainly not a big fan of some aspects of DataStoreService in Roblox, however, I need to be very precise when dealing with one of these. I would like to have my game data saved in a normal way, like anything else.

The problem is that I have some DataStores in the game to be saved by a player and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what I can do so that I don’t get errors from Datastore (knowing that I’m using the same key for a player’s data) and I know this will certainly happen. However, I would like to get opinions on how I can get the data to be saved normally, either with a queue or something. I already tried using DataStore2 but I can’t mess around with data from an offline player since I created commands where for example admins can give gold to offline players and this will just take the old value and add it to the new value for the player.

So, is there anything I can do to make sure that player data continues to be saved normally? Maybe create a unique datastore for each player? But I think that at a certain point it would be a disaster if something happened and they could lose the entire data, don’t think that’s the solution. I also like to store the player’s data using _G and then when they leave, get all of their data through _G and put it in their data.

Would love if y’all could help me with this, that’d be pretty useful. (Note that I was using DataStore2 but it isn’t really reliable for me anymore).

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loleris recently released his DataStore module, ProfileService, which stores data normally compared to DataStore2’s method (there is an option to save data the standard way, though). ProfileService has a GlobalUpdates feature which sounds exactly like what you’re trying to do. You can send GlobalUpdates to any DataStore key, and your receiving handlers can handle them. Additionally, GlobalUpdates work even if the key you’re trying to send it to doesn’t already exist.

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