Data Store Error

So I have been having an issue with data store (this happens roughly 10% of the time) it says there was an internal server error 500 in the output. In the server handler I checked what each of the lines were, and its SetAsync and GetAsync on every error line. Is this me doing something wrong, or roblox?


Make sure to check how often you’re saving your data.

It’s either throttling the requests for being sent too often or its just an internal error that you can’t fix.

Not throttling

Did you enable “Enable Studio Access to API Services”?

  1. Go to the Develop page
  2. Click on the Games tab and find your game
  3. Click on the gear drop down and click “Configure”
  4. Check the box labeled “Enable Studio Access to API Services:”

Friendly reminder

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I don’t think it’s his fault, my stats showed errors from datastore about an hour ago now.


This is an in-game error, not a studio problem.

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Had similar issues as well lately. Since none of my code changed at all and my datastore methods prevent throttling in the first place, this must be caused by Roblox and will probably be fixed very soon, if not already done.


Experiencing the same


Same here, everyone is getting this frequently and it’s breaking games.


Same! Whew, I was going crazy wondering what I did.
It also reproduces in local client-server tests.
PS, still happening as of 12:30 PM PST
And seems to only happen when two servers are running?

Internal server error is on Roblox’s side. Data throttling or insufficient permissions are explicitly stated in your console if they occur. You have nothing to worry about unless the issue persists for a long time.

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