DataStore v2.0 or DataStore2? Which should I use?

Hello, so recently, Roblox released DataStore v2.0, an upgrade to DataStore v1.0. I have recently switched to DataStore2 KampfKarran edition, and I am wondering, which I should use. Roblox DataStore v2.0? Or @KampfKarren’s DataStore2 Module?

Note: I used DataStore2 for Bloxy Kart, and I am now starting a new project, and I have no plans to switch to DataStore v2.0.

Thanks, WE

DataStore v2 is a way of referring to the major updates brought to the service but that doesn’t mean other modules suddenly become dated because of it or don’t have the opportunity to integrate the new API into their own libraries to power up your workflows.

DataStore2 does more than just integrate backups, so you need to see the module for what it really is or what it’s able to offer you. Given, while I’m not an ardent supporter of the berezaa method of DataStores for which DS2 implements for handling new data, again, it does more than just that; as an example, caching data for the session to prevent a terrible pattern developers have of calling write functions more times than they reasonably should, or picking the right function to update data with.

In short, DataStore2 abstracts a lot of the data management process away from you and builds on regular DataStore workflows by using good/best practices. You can still use DataStoreService raw without any helper library or even write your own, depending on your use case, though.

It’s also worth noting that all the V2 API is in open beta and you’re currently strongly discouraged from using it for production purposes. It can be used in live places but you should not be using it on live data, rather only to experiment with and be ready for when it’s 100% stable (i.e. you don’t need to use SetExperimentalFeatures to enable the V2 API).