DataStore:SetAsync() data limits

Hi, so I’m trying to save an extreme amount of data at once from a player recording system I made for anti-exploit purposes (for use in a small game) and I’m trying to save this large table. Is there a specific limit in place to how much you can save? Is it the same limit as HTTP service (1KB). Roblox’s max datastore size is 4000kb so it’d make no sense if I can’t go past that.

I believe you can send up to 30 requests a second. <== not recommended

I do recommend you to use tables, to save all that data in like 1 variable which makes it more of a “lighter” scale.

I had this issue too, read my post: My Post

I may have not conveyed my problem well enough, its that the datastore limit is 4000kb, but I can’t make any requests larger than 1000kb. Kinda defeating the purpose of that large size.

I don’t really know a lot about datastore sizes, I just save my data and that’s it lol.

Maybe ROBLOX has to run something through their service which is also big? No clue. I just recommend you using tables so you save all of that data at once in 1 variable.

By the way, what kind of information are you storing for that anticheat anyways?

Player cframes (position and their lookvector to save some data), and a few extra things to allow me to see what current action they were performing (attacking, being stunned, doing specific things). I already store my data in tables there’s no problem there.

You don’t need to save the data of what they’re performing, because that’s only for one session.

Compress the data and try saving it as multiple fragments using multiple UpdateAsync calls. Obviously convert the whole thing to a string, compress the string and use string.sub to create fragments out of the compressed string. 1st value will be a number representing the amount of saved fragments.

I’ll try this out tomorrow and check back in, thanks.