DBF Update 18/06/2024

Update 18/06/2024

It’s not quite the full rework I promised, but enjoy some general improvements and new content such as a new boss, several new weapons and more!


  • Roblox HQ [MAP]

  • MrDoomBringer [BOSS]

    • Fight this new boss in the Roblox HQ! Be cautious though, because he’s quite challenging compared to older bosses!
    • Health regeneration is enabled during this fight.
  • Spec Energy Blade [WPN]

    • Does nothing… yet?
  • Gamma Energy Blade [WPN]

    • Biograft-Technologies Personal-Shield-Generator™️ allows you to generate a holographic shield to absorb ANY incoming damage!
  • Kappa Energy Blade [WPN]

    • Biograft-Technologies Rage Module™️ allows you to enter a berserk state, gaining increased speed abilities and up to +75% damage!
  • Gilded Sword [WPN]

    • This thing deals like 5 more damage than the Linked Sword lol
    • Will be getting an ability soon!
  • Votefix [FTR]

    • Restarts the current server when the majority votes ‘Yes’
    • Requires 2,500 points to start a vote (Does not take away 2,500 points)
    • Useful for when the game breaks or when there’s a round delayer


  • Nerfed Darkheart

    • Lifesteal cooldown: 12s
    • Can now proc with any hit
  • Reworked Illumina

    • Holy Strike cooldown: 3s
    • Can now proc with any hit
  • Reworked Sword animations

  • Buffed 1x1x1x1

    • Nuke Damage: 50 → 1337


  • New Lobby
    • Reworked the Lobby with a fresh new look!
    • Henry & Nate now look different and have voicelines!
    • PlaceRebuilder & BelowNatural are also here! They have unique interactions with each other…
  • Improved UI
    • Reworked the UI with a fresh new look and now feels better to use!
    • Settings to Disable Music, Choose Title, …
    • Stats tab in Achievements UI
  • Improved Damage Indicators
    • Different colours for Player Damage, Enemy Damage, DOT, Heal, Shield Damage
  • Added On-Screen Boss Healthbars
  • Improved Hit Detection on some weapons
  • Improved Datastores hopefully?