De-Sync Bugs with Instance Replication Fix

Isn’t the reset behavior based on the ResetOnSpawn property of the screen gui? Also, it still works if you disable CharacaterAutoLoads and add the wait, so I don’t think it is based on the character loading.

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Here is a repro with character loading disabled and still works with the wait added.
GuiBug.rbxl (35.1 KB)

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Hmm you’re right. I’ll investigate and update this thread, thanks!

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Thank you for the report! It looks like this change has an adverse impact on adding to PlayerGui this way, so I’ll be rolling the changes back for now. I will update this thread again when this is fixed.

Thanks for your patience!


Any update or ETA on when this will be rolled back?
This change has also broken my game and is causing disruption to players while we wait for the changes to be reverted.


It has already been rolled back as of when I made this comment: De-Sync Bugs with Instance Replication Fix - #25 by asdfiji123

It was also only ever released on Studio, not on the Server or Client, so it should never have impacted your player base.

If your experience is experiencing bugs, I think it’s probably a different cause :/. If you think it’s an engine issue, please make a separate bug report so we can get the right eyes on it!

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Hello Developers!

This change is now being re-enabled on Studio! We’ve implemented a fix for the negative interaction with PlayerGui at the beginning of the game, so please let us know if this issue somehow persists, or you see any other problems.

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Hi Developers!

We have now rolled out this change globally. If you find that this change causes bugs in your game, please let me know in this thread!

Edit: This has been reverted due to errors when the Character is parent to nil and then back to Workspace in Streaming Enabled games.

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