Decent Hit Detection Methods

Today I’m beginning work on my first major project. Which would be a fighting game. I’ve looked into a few different methods of hit detection. And can’t decide between them. Region3 is what got my attention the most. But I have no idea how I can use it. Are there any Resources someone can link me to?

There are plenty of tutorials on youtube about region3.

Any BasePart instance has a hit detection method called BasePart:GetTouchingParts()
This method returns any BasePart that is currently colliding with it. This works for any part type, such as wedges and spheres. Region3 only works with rectangular prisms that are not rotated, so you should consider only using this method.

This sounds nice. I’ll give it a shot

Also you said “fighting game”, so I’m guessing you were talking about projectiles. If that’s the case, :GetTouchingParts() wouldn’t be the best method, as you should just RayCast.

One last thing, :GetTouchingParts() does not return parts if both of the parts are CanCollide false. A quick workaround is to set up a .Touched connection with those parts. Read more about it here.

I don’t recommend region 3 as @DevKaister mentions Region3’s only work for rectangular prisms moreover they are harder to visualize. You can alternatively use the rotated region 3 module where you can also use a BasePart to define the region where you want to detect parts to be detected.

IDK the advantages though I believe rotated region3 works for parts that are not physically active?

No, I’m talking melee for now. I wan’t accurate hitboxes. So i dont want to use something like .Touched on a tiny object. So my solution is creating hitboxes that spawn in front of the player to deal the damage. I’m having an issue where it hits multiple times because it hits multiple body parts. and im trying to fix it