Decrease like cooldown

Liking topics and posts is a big and important feature on the Roblox Dev Forum. So I don’t understand why there is a limit for it.

I understand that this feature could be part of the attempt to reduce and get rid of “spam”, but I don’t understand how liking a lot of topics/posts here on Dev Forum is spam in any way. Liking a lot of topics/posts is harmless, and it’s mainly being active and interacting with the community and other people, showing what you feel and think about something.

These are the messages that pop up when you like “a lot” of posts and reach your like limit for the 24-hour time period here on the Roblox Dev Forum:

The limit for the likes that is already set is good, but it could be better (being able to like more topics and posts in a specific amount of time). The worst thing about this is the amount of time you’re not allowed to like things after reaching your like limit. It should be no more than 12 hours.


Why? It’s fine as it is.

You liked ~50 posts in a span of ~1hr for the same two people. Posts liked have no correlation to each other apart from being the same user.

Maybe if you didn’t like random posts for no reason, the limit wouldn’t be reached. Don’t abuse a system then suggest it to be changed.


The like cooldown exists so people can’t farm likes for their mains/alts. Considering what TOP_Crundee123 pointed out, that looks awfully like what you’re doing.


not only are you abusing the like system, you also have 40k bots as followers


why are you mad about it? you were abusing the system, @VegetationBush showed proof of you abusing the system, you abused it to @Simbuilder and @haz3mn and this is more evidence that you did so

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I think that the maximum cool-down should be 1 hour or 1+1/2 hours, because (I don’t like random posts, I like the ones that make sense) after I like a few posts, I can’t like anymore, and I can’t like people that solve my problems for example, even though it’s not a big problem I agree this should be done


Yeah, being active in the Roblox Dev Forum should be encouraged. And interacting with posts is one part of it.

The max cool-down should be at most 12 hours, as I said. But it would be better if it was 6 hours.

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Wow, crazy that a person is exposing themselves. You look like a person that has to like every post of a famous person, farm likes, and farm followers.

I mean, here’s an example:


Both of those accounts joined in the same day and have the same amount of likes.


Pretty sure those are alt’s. I seen this guy post sometimes and these two exact people would be liking his posts shortly after.

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I would just like to say that if you think they are Alts, don’t say it here, just straight up tell the Moderators

(Not trying to be mean)

@052008cooljp @lolmansReturn

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You are correct to some extent, but when you always like certain/random users in a short period of time, it artificially inflates the number of likes that the user will get, rather than them earning likes through genuine engagement and contribution to the community.

Always liking certain users (because of whatever reasons you have), can also be seen as a form of deception and can undermine the trust and integrity of the community. To combat this type of behavior, the forum has a system set up in place on how much a user can like posts in a 24-hour duration. Although other users genuinely like over 50 posts because they agree with them, you have to keep in mind the fact that the system was set in place for everyone using the DevForum.

Yes, I understand that the cool-down was made for everyone. But I just think the amount of time it is (24 hours) is too long. It should be 12 hours at most, it’s enough time to stop people from “spam-liking” if they’re actually doing something like that and not just being active in the community and Dev Forum.

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Thanks for the request. Unfortunately we do not think this change would be beneficial in terms of the gaming-like behaviors, and doesn’t seem aligned with what the community prefers (judging from the replies above).