Defend The Train Changelog


Version 0.5.5 BETA
This update adds in a minigame, new items, and a batch of fixes n’ changes.


  • Added arcade games
  • Added new weapon (Dual Pistols [Gunslinger, Primary])
  • Added 4 new weapon skins (Futuristic [Quickshot Rifle], Victorian [Heal Gun], First Aid [Heal Spray], Medieval [Dead Man’s Gambit])
  • Added new setting (Character Particles)
  • Added new song (Break Room)
  • Added unused and early versions of songs to the sound test


  • Fixed Limited Respawns not working properly
  • Fixed enemy debris being able to collide with players
  • Fixed the Deflector being able to block melee hits from teammates
  • Fixed the Pistol’s upgrades resetting if another class was upgraded in Classic
  • Fixed some special waves not applying their effect to respawning players
  • Fixed explosion particles having a hitbox(?)
  • Fixed price label colour not properly updating on Classic’s upgrade menu
  • Fixed ads being incorrect in the dead lobby
  • Fixed additional info for achievement items
  • Fixed Silent Partner missing it’s slide sound

General Changes

  • Enabled virtual cursor for controllers
  • Difficulty will now influence amount of lives given in Limited Respawn
  • Enabling Special Tracks in server settings will now allow for all tracks to appear in Classic’s rotation
  • Decreased self damage divider Scapegoats take on Deflector blocks from 3 > 2.5
  • Increased Helicopter’s base health from 75 > 150
  • Increased Helicopter’s max health from 565 > 800
  • Increased Helicopter’s driver max health from 350 > 450
  • Decreased Helicopter’s firing delay from 0 > -0.5
  • Increased Flying Robot’s speed from 12s > 8s
  • Decreased Flying Robot’s firing delay from 0 > -0.3
  • Increased Saucer’s speed from 12s > 7s
  • Decreased Saucer’s firing delay from 0 > -0.5
  • Decreased UTE’s passenger firing delay from 0.5s - 1s > -0.3
  • Decreased UTE’s passenger wait time from 6s > 4s
  • Increased UTE’s spawn rate
  • Updated Tourist Jeep’s passenger models
  • Dying or being forcefully respawned while in the break room will respawn the player inside
  • Weapon descriptions will now display controls for special functions
  • Profile cards will now display the name of a skin a player is using
  • Sound Test will now display IDs and a more descriptive path
  • Adjusted distance of the Salvaged Cart C4’s beeping sound
  • Updated Sacred Ocean’s enemy placement
  • Updated Senior’s train harpoon to have a particle for each tick
  • Updated opacity of the Heal Spray’s cloud
  • Increased volume of Battle Cry
  • Updated Barista
  • Updated Street Flow
  • Updated Gallery
  • Updated Ads



The latest Defend The Train update is here! I apologize for the longer wait, but I should be getting back to the bi-weekly updates like we had before. Documentation can be found below.



The new big feature for the update, the break room now has an arcade cabinet that will allow the player to select minigames to play. Currently there’s only The Chef, a simple highscore game where you must manage a steakhouse and correctly serve a lineup of customers in an efficient and timely manner.

This was my first time ever making a game in 2D, so I chose to save the other two minigame ideas we had for another time. The intention of the arcade is to provide simple timewasters for dead players who felt as if there wasn’t much to do while waiting to respawn. I plan on expanding the minigame roster overtime starting with our two other minigame ideas titled Whacky Whacka and Captain Superwings.

Due to this largely just being something dead players can do while waiting, there will absolutely not be any form of global leaderboards or prizes for these minigames. I don’t wish to incentivize playing these over the main game itself, so those kinda features are off the table.

New Weapon

This update adds the Dual Pistols, a new Gunslinger primary! This can essentially be seen as the class’ equivalent to the Roadside Rampage. The weapon starts off mediocre at base stats, though charging up the weapon by holding down the fire button will increase the weapon’s damage at the first gauge, then the fire rate, and lastly the previous two buffs doubled and an additional accuracy and bullet speed buff added to the mix. Meter will constantly drain, so be sure to know when to charge up as you’re vulnerable while doing so!

I will be paying close attention to how this weapon pans out to see whether it’s underpowered or too strong. If deemed unbalanced, I will put out a revision in a patch or next update depending on the urgency.

Balance Changes

Most balance changes have been made to enemies this update. Starting with Canyon, the Helicopter had it’s vehicle and passenger health increased so it’s no longer able to go down so quickly. The vehicle will begin to rev up it’s miniguns a bit before fully arriving at the train, so teams will need to be more alert if they don’t wish to take a ton of damage!

For Sky Ruins, the enemies have received a speed buff and will now also fire a bit before they arrive at the train. These changes should help make the track a bit more chaotic like it did before and not feel so easy.

On Farmlands, the UTE has been made more common of a spawn and will have it’s passenger with the lasso fire sooner. This change should also help make the track feel more chaotic with it’s standout enemy having more of a presence.

Lastly, Sacred Ocean had it’s spawnpoints adjusted. This isn’t much of a balance change as it’s moreso just a disconnect between me and Fuzzy on where the enemies actually spawned. The track now has the spawns where Fuzzy originally intended with Demon Red and Blue spawning on the water and Demon Yellow being the only aerial based one.

For weapon balance, the only thing that has been adjusted this update is the Scapegoat and Deflector combo. While I’m aware that it takes skill to get the enemy patterns down, I felt as if this combination (especially if there’s a second Medic doing the same thing) was a bit too powerful and needed to be toned down. Scapegoats will now take a bit more self-damage than before if a shield blocks a hit for them which should make a single one last as long as they could before.

Progress Report

What’s next?

With the arcade cabinet being released, our focus is now being put on the game’s campaign mode. We’ve made good progress on all of the set pieces needed for Ghost Town’s campaign, so soon enough we will be building the set pieces for Forest’s campaign. I aim to have this out in the Summer!

After campaign is completed, we plan on creating the game’s third boss fight which will take place on the Highway track!