Delete feature for games & messages

Okay, I don’t know if anyone has made this suggestion, but I am a clean person and an organized person, I like to have everything be organised.
However, at the moment as a Dev it is quite difficult to organize my games, due to there being no delete feature.
A lot of the time I want to delete some “places/games”, either because they are just in the way or I have no reason to keep them there, they are just THERE. I don’t think this is any world breaking suggestion or a web breaking issue, but it would be nice to have the option to delete games to help organize your games better.
Another place where a “Delete” feature would be cool, at the moment you can only “Archive” messages or completely ignore them, but why not have the option to Delete unwanted emails instead of just letting them be there or putting them into Archive? Again it is not the most world breaking issue that should be resolved instantly, it could just be a nice little thing to add.
Maybe like this?


There is a thread about the ability to delete games without start places.

Deleting places is a more serious matter. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be able to delete places, simply because accidents happen and users sometimes lose access to their accounts. There are some safeguards that can be implemented, but rarely are things ever waterproof. There are threads about this too with more detailed arguments.

Deleting messages would be nice for some, but it’s not at all a necessary feature, and I personally would never use it. Unless database storage starts to become an issue for Roblox, I don’t see this being prioritized.


If security is a concern, add an archive feature for places, just to get them off the main places list.


Something like that would be perfect



Closing this because it is 2 different feature requests intertwined (this came up while we were processing a post approval request). They are both about deleting things, but completely different parts of the product. Please file new feature requests for these