Delete Player Data

Hello my Guys,
how can i delete saved Playerdata from a specific player in Datastore is that even possible?

You use :RemoveAsync() to Delete Data (if you are using DataStoreService)

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There’s a tutorial how to do this on the Documentation actually.

Check out this section of the tutorial:

Do i need to use it in the Command Bar?

It can be used in both Command bar and Script

Its not working, i tried it in a script and in a command bar

There’s also a DataStore plugin which you can delete a data from a player manually, if that’s what you’re looking for.

How it the Plugin name? Do you know it

There’s a payed and also a free version, but both is made by different creators.

Payed: DataStore Editor - Roblox
Free: Free Datastore Editor plugin! [15K installs] [OPEN-SOURCE]

I believe the payed version have a better quality, but the free version is also usable.

Hope it helps!