Deleting (Recent) Posts Should Not Bump Threads

Currently deleting the most recent post on a topic bumps it, If a user deletes a post it is very obviously not useful or contributive to the thread anymore and I see no logical reason for it to bump a thread which may already be solved or irrelevant.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum and wouldn’t cause unnecessary and unintentional bumps to threads when deleting posts.


I agree.

The reason this happens is that threads get bumped with new activity, which is defined as any new reply or an edit / deletion to the last reply. You can also see that deleting a post counts as an edit as well from the pencil icon (the content changing to the default “post withdrawn…” message), so it may fit in as “activity” because it’s technically an edit. I do feel that deleting has nothing worth to resurface a thread, so that should be removed from being considered as an “activity.”

This applies to editing as well.

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Yes please. I wanted to delete some old, unnecessary posts of mine from the beginning of last year and I didn’t realize those topics were being bumped up, which is kind of embarrassing…

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