Demo Games you can edit

I’m starting this thread to collect demo games that you can edit.
These are games where the owner has kindly made their game available to edit, so you can download it and see the code. These are incredibly helpful when you are learning to script.
Please add any you know of.

Search for “Open Source” on the Games page.
open source

Games made by Roblox - Roblox Resources

Little Demos





Not Categorized:

from github:


Though I think this is an amazing idea, I think that you should quality-check these games.

For example, this UI setup is bad practice as it does not include containers is unorganised, causing scaling and other issues.


This script simply changes the volume every 0.1 second, whereas using TweenService would be a much better and optimised alternative
(it also mutes the music on the server, and not client)


Is that the new update?It so beautiful

If youre referring to the icons, theyre apart of the Vanilla Icons pack by Elltob


I think it would be useful for the DevRelations team to create some kind of filter that shows just Editable games, and developers can rate them based on their perceived quality. I bet there are a ton more. I’m just not sure how to find them.

Anyone know of a fancy API call that would filter for them?

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The simple low poly city is not open-sourced

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Well you should probably rename this “open sourced megathread” it looks good! As another member pointed out quality checking these games and making sure there are no viruses in them should be done.

I am able to edit it.
Maybe try again.

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Thank you so much for this :heart:

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You should really add Miner’s Haven, Berezaa is a talented developer and I would trust anyone learning to read off his scripts for reference. Some of the other places you’ve linked in this thread I can’t really say the same about.


I added it to the list, thx for sharing!

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I cannot edit the game at this moment.

heres another game, mainly for a script and stuff but still could count here: Inverse Kinematic Characters [Open Source] - Roblox

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sweet, I added a few other open source things from stravant’s site also.

Another game: Open Source FPS Engine - Roblox

This game cannot be edited. Please remove this from the list.

(10) Simple, Low poly city - Roblox

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Hey, what script font is that? Looks pretty cool.

Jetbrains Mono

Is is possible to get a list (or API endpoint, so we can pull the most current list) of all non copy-locked games?

Reading thru other users’ code has been extremely helpful in improving my ability to write well structured code. Instead of spending days reinventing the wheel to create a set of pickups or don an Accessory, it is really instructive to be able to see how other devs solved the same problem.


tbh I want something like that dungeon generator, only it chooses from pre-generated dungeons rather than creating new ones