[DEPRECATED] Burnout Block // Take breaks, cold-turkey


Take breaks, cold-turkey.

Unfortunately, Roblox does not support scripts to be closed without parenting them to nil. Because this has caused issues with scripts disappearing, I removed functionality for scripts to be closed during burnout blocks.

However, this defeats the purpose of the plugin and I will thus be deprecating it. Thank you for visiting the post, and if Roblox adds support for closing scripts, I will continue the project again.

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What is this plugin and how does it work?

This plugin forces you to take breaks. There is no skipping sessions or cheesing your way out, because a break is more important than your upcoming burnout.

Your burnout is blocked every thirty minutes for five minutes. During this time, the viewport is completely blocked and your scripts are unopenable to prevent temptation.

It looks something like this:

Why prefer this over a Pomodoro session?

Pomodoro allows you to skip your breaks, simply put. From experience, I know that after a few times of using it I decided to skip most breaks, and it became ineffective. Usually my excuse was that I was in the middle of something or “on the grind,” but I realize now that those claims I made to myself were usually false.

Burnout Block prevents you from working for five whole minutes, so during that time you can browse twitter, get some water, or drink and tweet at the same time.

Does this actually help with burnout?

Yes, it does.

I’ve had this plugin as a local copy for quite some time now because I wanted to personally improve my health and energy. After a while of having this, I’ve found myself to be less stressed, less tired, and of course, not burned out.

I recommend that anybody who has issues with burnout to give this plugin a go for a bit and see if it helps!

Where can anybody get this plugin?

This plugins is on the Roblox library. You can find a link to it below:

Burnout Block - Roblox

Be advised that it has no buttons or toolbar, so it won’t appear in the plugins tab. When installed, it will begin running.

Closing notes

Thank you for reading this post! Even if nobody finds use of this, that’s okay, because at the end of the day I’m glad I was able to post a resource I at least found genuinely helpful for me.

I hope that if you use it, your health and wellbeing improves. Let me know how it goes in the replies below!

Have a good day everybody :heart:


Well, you sure didn’t lie. :joy:

I haven’t installed the plugin, but does this have a setting to change how often the block appears?


It does not at the moment, since there is no interface or UI buttons. I could implement a command for the command bar soon for that?

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A command would work, I would suggest having the command in the plugin description for reference.

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A command section for the plugin could be good. Maybe don’t have a skip button, but. . . a snooze button. Push it off for a few seconds, to finish up your thoughts before the script closes.


There should be a minimum though because otherwise the whole point that you can’t skip it would become obselete

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I honestly am curious if an Extension for Visual Studio Code could be made to parity this, this is an interesting idea and I’d probably use it the only problem is I primarily run a Rojo workflow. If not an extension: at least something that can hook onto Visual Studio Code and do relatively the same thing your Roblox Plugin does.


This looks interesting. I definitely do see how this could improve mental health, as scripting sometimes tends to cause stress. Thanks for this.

Are you 100% sure there’s no bypass to this?

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It’s very slightly possible it already works. In Rojo, does your script close if it’s deleted?

What the plugin does to close scripts is parent them to nil and back.

There is no bypass to this that I know of.

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I would like to say no? Maybe if you’re using two way sync but by default that is disabled on Rojo. Rojo makes changes into Roblox Studio from Visual Studio Code, so it can edit script.Source: which bypasses your close check.

The simplest bypass would most likely be to just re-open the game, this most likely* could be circumvented by saving the current time when a break starts and doesn’t let you edit any experience until the five minutes is truly up.

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Ugh!!1!1!1!1 no i need to work 24/7

Bruh, im forced to use tis plugin, now i need to make a widget to edit scripts

Ok srsly, thanks

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nice, now people will be able to take breaks without becoming a programming addict
well, that pop-up tho ;-; looks like a jumpscare to me :cold_face:
edit: mbad it’s to prevent burnouts, not to prevent people from becoming a programming addict

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You may stop the burnout but never stop the grind :muscle:


It is quite true that burnouts are bad, but humans are tougher than what you thought, clutching is the only way.
Your plugin itself is good, but it’ll become the excuse for many people to be lazy.
Skipping breaks is a good feature, when someone truly have passion in something, they don’t need to watch a comedy movie and have a tea just so they can continue happily.

Good plugin though

But if I was in the studio adding details to an amazing temple in a terrain showcase suddenly my screen went blocked I would give death threats :joy:

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That’s absolutely false.


It’s not.
For guys who want to prevent their eyes being damaged but still willing to work hard, this is purely beneficial, but for some people for example one of my friends, takes 2 hours of break for 10 minutes of work and this would just encourage him doing so.
After all, it’s up to the guy not the plugin.

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2 hours of break for 10 minutes of work??? Who said that?

And did you even read the articles? Or, have you taken a psychology course?

The plugin is a 5 minute break for 30 minutes of work.

You didn’t read my post :cry:
I didn’t say your system makes the person take 2 hours of rest for 10 minute of work, I said, to people who does so this plugin will be less beneficial to them.

But two hours of rest isn’t a break, that’s just laziness.

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