Deprecating Surface Tool API

We are discussing this now. Preserving backwards compatibility is important. At the same time, it seems a bit wonky (to me anyway) if spawns a part in a way that you have to use a deprecated API to make it smooth.


Very much hoping this doesn’t affect existing content using studs/inlets/glue visually, could be devastating if it does.


Idk it will be pointless for roblox to remove them since people can use textures to do it again

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It wouldn’t be hard to build right, as without hotkeys its alot harder and time taking thing to build anything in studio?

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It is actually possible to bind hotkeys to plugin actions, they just can’t have default bindings, so most plugin authors don’t bother creating hotkey assignable actions for their plugins.

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Technically yes, you are correct. But I don’t want over 6k parts with textures in them, that’s just very messy and impratical.


Ah, yes, okay. So I have to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V a texture of studs or whatever other surface I need onto every single part in my game now. That’s wonderful.


As the surface tool is now deprecated, changing surfaces would be slightly more tedious. Here’s a list of how to still use surfaces without the tool.

Use a texture

Upload your own texture

Find a surfaced part/wedge/cornerwedge in the toolbox

Edit surfaces using a script

Change the surface properties of a part (only works if it already has at least 1 surface)

Create a plugin that works exactly like the Surface Tool.

Wait for someone to create said plugin above

(As I do not know how to make plugins, I would be delighted if there are any current Surface Tool plugins right now. I would also love to know if there is a surface tool plugin in the future :slight_smile: )

Go through all your projects to find parts with surfaces, and upload them to Roblox yourself to get your own Surface Part kit!

That’s all the methods I could find, hope this helps any of you Stud Fans!


yeah but:

  1. having an unholy amount of textures on every surface is generally very inefficient and messy
  2. Textures dont let you have normal maps that most surface type make use of, so
    having every single studded surface looking like your graphics level is set to 1 when its actually at max is really painful to look at (and as a JToH player, it would be extremely painful), and you cant use SurfaceAppearances because that would require that every part be a MeshPart.

Yeah, I see why I would not want to use textures as an alternative.

Not only must you find a texture for every type of surface you need, you have to find one of a certain quality.

Oh and also I see you are also a jtoh player, cool. Not to mention the discord server had a stroke upon realizing the deprecation of surface tools


(5) Surface Part Kit - Roblox

For those people that use surfaces, here is a easily accessible kit I uploaded for all your uses.


What exactly is the intended replacement for surfaces? I’ve been using third-party ‘weld scripts’ for years, since surfaces became quite offset-heavy and placing weld constraints on each and every piece of a model is incredibly tedious to set up. Studs received that odd new automatic ‘snap’ behavior, but if studs themselves are being deprecated then that feature will also most likely be deprecated. Thus, what is Roblox’s ‘official’ intended way of connecting parts together in this day and age?

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There are several options.

Adding WeldConstraints via the Constraints section of the Model tab is quick and easy. You can click Weld from the Create drop-down and then click two parts to weld the together.

You can select a group of parts, and when you click “Weld” all touching parts will have a weld created between them.

Additionally, we have the “Join Surfaces” option in the “Tools” section. When this is enabled, flat surfaces of parts will join together while building just like they did with Studs, but the SurfaceType does not matter.


I didn’t know about these options, or that the ‘Join Surfaces’ option worked on all parts, good to know Roblox actually has some built-in alternatives.


In case anyone wants this back:


No no NO! Evolve all you want but there is zero reason to remove surfaces! Why is it always about removing non state-of-the-art modern things to you guys? Removing surfaces options… Tix was an exploitable currency, guests were just useless but what is your amazing business driven reason for removing surfaces???


You do realize that there can be technical and internal reasons for this, right?


“surfaces looked ugly and we didn’t want to expose newer players to it”


It doesn’t seem like you read the post thoroughly, so here:


The fact they’re deprecating it for newer things is bad enough, I may not have been on the dev forum long enough to maintain an acceptable opinion in here but theres really no defending roblox on this one