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About Me

Hello there! My username is Des_tructo and I’ve been on developing on Roblox for the past 2-3 years. I have worked on games such as Knife Capsules (now Super Knife Frenzy), Snowman Simulator, and Work at a Coffee Shop.

Here are some examples of my work

You can find more of my work on my twitter:


Commissioned spud gun and candy corn revolver

Fleur-de-Lis axe - textured by EreshkigaI


Elves and Santa pets for Snowman Simulator

Cactus pet textured by L_ly

Commissioned eggs

Current Commission Sheet (car in the background is also modeled/rendered by me)
Spears textured by EreshkigaI; Katana textured by L_ly

Christmas Render 2018 - (everything modeled from scratch besides the characters)


Prices are negotiable, depending on the complexity and style of the asset(s). Prices usually start at $10 (USD) for the base model. If texturing is needed then the price will increase. I currently only take payment via PayPal (no Robux, sorry!).


You can contact me via Twitter at or on discord (Des #6787).


My commissions are currently closed, this thread is just for future reference.

Thank you for reading!


Very nice! I’d definitely commission you but sadly I only do robux through Group Payouts.

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Your work looks great, I couldn’t find one model I didn’t like and I wish you good luck in getting hired.


Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it.

Thank you! I hope to be able to open commissions through group payouts in the future, but PayPal is the most convenient for me at the moment.

Your models look really clean and original. Looking at the gun, the end of the gun where the bullet comes out looks bigger than the actual the yellow thing the bullet loaded onto (not sure what its called :grinning:) and the yellow thing (still not sure what it is) Doesn’t look like it is lined up with the end of the gun. sorry for being confusing- these are minor detils and im just being nitpicky here


I’m assuming you’re looking at the candy corn revolver, haha. The candy corn was an added touch after I had finished the rest of the gun, so I see what you mean by the barrel seems a tad too large for the candy corn bullet.

I really like the low poly weapons great job Des_tructo!! :clap:

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beautiful works, totally worth hiring this guy <3


Very impressive work, I’d love to learn your rendering skills. You’re very talented.


I’m not sure what that first gun was but it is very impressive. :ok_hand:

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Dang dude! If only you take Robux I would pay you very generously…

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Are you open currently? If so, I’d be interested in hiring you for weaponry

I’m currently not available, sorry!

Vouch for him, worked with him, skilled person. :grin: