Detect every function hooked by exploiters (metamethod hooks included) with this one simple trick!

Detecting client-side exploits in and of itself is not doing something wrong. It’s wrong when you use this as your only or main security measure. It’s not wrong to use this in addition to a more robust system to make it extremely annoying for noobs to mess around with your game.


This currently has no chance for false positives, and only uses the Roblox kick popup. While this check can be bypassed by someone who knows what they are doing, the bypass will have to be game specific since there are multiple ways to implement this detection. Most exploiters don’t know how to script, so if your game is relatively small they will have no easy way to bypass this.

While most exploits have worked around this check by now, some haven’t and you can detect them by placing this in a LocalScript in ReplicatedFirst.

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someone knows if this is still working?

I have put this onto toolbox for ppl to easily grab later on and not have to look for this specific post, The code is still the same so the credit to fate is still there and I have credited OP for making the post.

It got patched after a few days. Detections like this should stay private and not released to the public. Its just a waste if you release it to the public since Exploits will patch it as soon as they can (Which sadly doesn’t take long at all)


Because Roblox has changed the lua stack limit from 16384 to 20000, __index hooks will no longer be detected by this piece of code. For any future visitors, please replace the integer 16379 with 19995.

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