Developer icon gone on the leaderboard

We are fixing our game what do you have to think about this to help everybody did the developers

Progress is slowed for my game trailer as well. Haven’t been able to use it for two days. Hoping Roblox sees this as they head back to work today.

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I’m facing this issue too, my developmental team and I do not have any Hammer Icon, Perms to access Dev Cams and stuff.


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No free cam, no hammer next to my name in group games I have dev perms for. Very annoying not being able to use free cam for screenshots but it works fine in studio.

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This issue has occurred to me as well, there’s no developer icon or free cam anymore, however, in my case I am still able to use the developer console like normal. It’s a little weird it just randomly vanished like that but it’s probably being fixed / updated.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


We have disabled the change that caused this issue. It should be fixed for new servers!


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