Developer Spotlight: Meet TigerCode

@TigerCode’s dreams came true in 2009 when he realized he could create his own games on Roblox, and he had to give it a try. Though he feels like his first game was nothing special, his development experience in those early drew him even deeper into the Developer community, and he’s never left!

Once he joined the community, TigerCode began to teach himself how to develop on the Roblox platform: “I’ll be honest, I learned a lot of what I know on my own. In my early days on Roblox, most of my programming came from me roaming free models/the wiki, taking scripts that remotely fit my needs, and changing them so they work. Eventually, I picked up how to program on my own.”

This experience helped grow TigerCode’s interest in working with code and computers, ultimately leading him to pursue a career in Computer Science: " I didn’t really know what field of work I wanted to do once I was out of school, but Roblox pushed me into Computer Science. I most likely would have never gotten into programming if I didn’t find Roblox. Roblox also gave me something to be proud of. Having thousands of people play and enjoy my game has been one of the best things that has happened to me. It’s what fuels me to make more games. Looking back at myself years ago, I would have never thought I would be at this point. It’s truly amazing how something could completely change the direction of your life."

What is the secret to TigerCode’s success? He never gave up, and that’s what his advice is to all aspiring developers on Roblox: “Keep trying and don’t give up. I’ve started many projects that ultimately fail, but I continued on. Everyone starts somewhere, so try new things and and try to find something that works!”

TigerCode is hoping to start work on a project that he started a few years back but never had time to finish. He’s working closely with his brother on the game, and it’s a huge project. Keep up with TigerCode on Twitter or Roblox to track his progress on his newest games!


Nice work @TigerCode!

Very nice work and a lovely quote to end it all. Good luck with that project.


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