Development Help: Triangle Terrain

I have a question for developers.

What is the best way to make triangle terrain.

It seems hard to make one.

Especially when to try to make it flat field with hills and mountains and rivers.


Hi, I highly recommend using this plugin:

It’s very useful for creating triangle terrain.

Also recommend looking at this thread:

Also: I highly recommend watching Youtuber dirtcake make triangle terrain using the terrain plugin above.
He’s super skilled, but very small too. Only 750 subscribers.
Here’s his channel link:

Anyways hope this helped.
ㅇㅅㅇ :triangular_ruler:


Yes, the best way is to find a plugin to do it. I would try out @Macawmangrovve12 's plugin he linked. But if that’s not what you’re looking for there’s plenty of plugins out there that do what you requested. Good luck finding it!


I would use a plugin for this sort of thing. The one that @Macawmangrovve12 provided works very well. I’ve used it myself on a few of my personal projects.

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Recently, Roblox added PreciseConvexDecomposition. This is very useful for Triangular terrain as you can get very precise collisions, which works very well for Low Poly terrain and is at the cost of it being heavy on PCs. Although, I’d assume you are making a low poly game if I am not mistaken, which means the poly count will generally be on the low so just terrain with PCD would be very useful!

Anyways, good luck with your triangular terrain endeavors. Feel free to DM me if you’d like any further tips or feedback of any sort.

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I use triangle studio for this.(there a 2 such plugins in library but take the latest one of 2015, I think)