Development Team [HIRING]

Hi all, this is TakingLegs.
I am the founder of PlayTime Entertainment.

Game Topic: Tower of Hell re-make
The team:

Owner/Builder/UI: @TakingLegs
UI/Script/Build/Art/Music: @Crew1O1
Builder: @ThatFrenchGamer
Secondary Builder: ??? (TAKEN)
Main Scripter: ??? (STILL LOOKING FOR!!)

We are hiring: Scripter, Advanced Builder

Scripter: 35% ; if game fails 500 robux or more.
Builder: 15% ; if game fail 150 or more


Discord: feereza#3496

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What type of game are you trying to make or are you forming a team to start with?

I am making a game like ToH. (Tower of Hell)

Im interested in the building.

Hello there I am interested in become a builder
My portfolio: Here
Username: Brown_Feather

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I’m interested in the secondary builder position.

I’ve added you on discord, my user is: iFlarey#5401.

Here’s my portfolio, which I’m updating in a few hours:HiddenSavageYT | Old Portfolio

I’ll be more than glad to show you more games and builds as we discuss this topic.

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Add me on discord, and we will talk further.

Add me on discord so we can talk further.

Still looking for scripter! (30char)

I’m Interested in scripting for the game.
[Open] UltraTheSensei's - Scripter/Modeler Portfolio My portfolio
If you wish to test the game I mentioned Dm your roblox name.

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I didn’t get your request, add me, feereza#3496.

I sent it
30 chararararararararas

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