DevForum Feedback Messages - are they really effective?

When you break a rule with 0 strikes, you get a warning by a DET member.
But is that a really effective way of telling you? Some people could just ignore the message and not see it in the inbox.

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This should go in #forum-feedback

Please also note that receiving an unreasonable amount of feedback messages in a short period of time, especially for the same rule violation, puts you at risk of receiving a strike. This includes rapidly making low-effort posts.

From: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum - #8 by Roblox

Perhaps you have a better way of being informed in mind?

Other than that, who’s really fooling themselves in this situation? It’s the person not reading messages.

Everyone’s expected be professional on this forum and ignoring messages is pretty bad etiquette in my opinion. If you can’t reply just say “I will check back on this soon” or the alike. Feedback messages are pretty short so it shouldn’t take 5 minutes of your time away.


Moved from #lounge:off-topic to #forum-feedback
Changed title from “DevForum Warnings - are they really effective?” to “DevForum Feedback Messages - are they really effective?” to avoid confusion and to be accurate.

What is DevForum warnings? I only know DevForum Feedback Notices.


A Developer Forum warning is applied to your account when you break a rule with 0 listed strikes.

You have been told this a million times, warnings are an actual Discourse feature. They aren’t used for feedback.

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Ah I see. That’s not the case as you believe, to avoid confusion I’ve updated your post.


Yes? Why would a certain level and above be above the rules?

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