DevMarket - A easier way to get assets

I’m going to try to make my own such site, but much more in-depth.

I mean, it’s somewhat a good idea, although I’m pretty sure Roblox’s Toolbox already alerts users if there are scripts in the given asset, and the Toolbox itself I find already easy enough to use, personally speaking (minus searching for assets by a user because that’s broken).

The website though, it needs some work, which includes the Wix banner as someone here said. The font is a bit off, for the style you’re going for, which I assume is modern. Thumbnails would look better with less corner width and if they are cropped instead.

However, DevMarket has high quality, hand picked assets to use that are checked in-case of viruses and stolen assets.

The font is supposed to be like this, as it is the theme of the website.

I will fix it, the changes will take affect in the next update.

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