Dice Defender is looking for a UI designer

About Me

Hi there! I’m Krunnie. I’m a small developer from Poland. I’m currently looking for developers who need some help with passing time during the quarantine.

The Team
@Krunnie - Team Manager
@Smaltin - Scripter
@BenDude343 - Map Builder
Vacant - UI Designer
@Vee3_V - Dice Modeler

About The Job

Game Details

This game’s going to be a Tower Defense Simulation type of game (in short - enemies are moving down a certain path and you have to build around it and make sure they don’t get to the end of it). Instead of towers tho, you’ll be playing with dices. The more dots on the dice, the more powerful the dice is. There will be different types of dices that’ll give you different powers and advantages as well as different arenas with different enemies.

General Requirements:

  • Must have Discord,
  • 13+,
  • (Preferably) should live in the North America region,

Job Details:

UI designer

We’ll be needing a loading/intermission screens, battle interface, menus and icons for the game.


Due to the fact that I have a really tough situation money wise, I won’t be able to pay in advance so I can only offer game percentage. If you want any other form of payment, it’ll have to happen once things in the real world start going back to normal.

Note: Percentages are subject to change
UI - 10%
Me - 25%
Modeler/Builder - 20%
Scripter - 30%
Dice Modeler - 10%


You can contact me on Discord: Krunnie#0919
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading and stay safe! :slight_smile:

is it too late for the job?

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