Did something happen to people messaging you for platform feedback request?

Hello everybody, so I wanna say something. so I’m not rushing anybody or anything but a few weeks ago I posted a few website feature request & ever since I haven’t gotten a message from anybody :confused:, now I am not a user who can see peoples request for roblox but I just want to know if everything is fine because its been a few weeks for me & I have been still waiting to get a message (not rushing) does anybody know whats going on in the #platform-feedback section for people to see if someone already posted that topic or if it is approved.

Recently there has been many topics in moderation. It’s going to take a while for your topic to get accepted or declined. Also, I recommend not replying to your own topic to boost your topic because that just delays it more.

Those people are called Post Approval, and they’re getting removed soon. They’re also experiencing huge backlog, and you can read in that topic when your post will be (probably) approved.