Different Movements upon Animation being Played

Hi there, so I’m currently animating a dance animation, and I am coming across an issue. When I am moving the trigger animation keynote (without actually playing the animation), the animation runs at the desired sequence(s). However, when I put the animation into actual play mode, the animation seems to run at a different sequence than that of the actual keynote slider.



I would recommend looking at the area of the knees. You can see how in the desired animation, the knee extends straight out in front of the character, while in the played animation, the knee simply stays backwards and moves up slightly. Not sure if this a bug on ROBLOX’s behalf, or I’m simply doing something incorrect. Regardless, any sort of feedback would be well appreciated.


This has been happening to me as well. I believe this is a bug on Roblox’s end.

I consider these artifacts of the animation editor plugin. Occasionally keyframes become “corrupted”. You should isolate the misbehaving keyframe and try recreating and replacing it with a new keyframe.

I have tried many things, whether it is simply saving & loading it again, trying a new rig, trying a new game, and even to the point of restarting the animation completely.


It’s one of many bugs I’ve had with the animation editor, which is why I started using blender as my main source of animating. Perhaps try out blender to animate instead, of course there will be a learning curve but it’s definitely worth it, much more reliable.

If you’re interested, this thread talks about it in detail, including instructions on how to set this up: