Digital art and logo commissions OPEN

About Me

Hello and thanks for stopping to click!

I’m Lilia, a 2D artist and designer currently studying drawing and design. I have over 3 years experience in drawing and painting, and have studied realism and work in multiple styles. I also spent a year doing gfx and know my way around photoshop tool and editing and am working on designing vectors and logos.


Find full and regularly updated artwork on my deviantart page

Cartoon Style

Detailed Style

Realistic Style


atm_tycoon_by_liliatz_ddpp7j6-fullview deja_cafe_by_liliatz_ddpyo2v-fullview



Sketches (Can be any style)


Generally have a lot more free time now, so should be able to respond soon enough and finish the comission in 1-3 days.

I also have a priority list that’s in order of whenever I receive the commission.
NOTE: if you would like to move up the priority list, you can pay extra! This varies depending on order but we can negotiate it if it’s something you need urgently.


Commission Sheet

Cartoon Style: 600-900
Detailed Style: 1500-2000
Realistic 5000-7000
Logos 300-500
Icons 200-300 (bulk orders negotiable)
Sketch (no color): 25% of price of style you want. i.e. detailed sketch originating of 1500 robux would be 375
Colored sketch: 50% of price of style you want. i.e. cartoon colored sketch originating of 600 robux would be 300

Some things to note:

  • base price accounts for a waist up drawin! full body will cost a bit more and headshots less!
  • more accessories will ikely increase price
  • backgrounds come with, or you can request one without a background
  • ultimately, increase in time = increase in price
  • side note: you have to make up for tax if you chose to pay with shirt

I have a policy of full payment upfront, please respectthat


Best way to reach me would be discord: Lilia#8063

You can also contact me on Twitter at:

thanks again :wave:


You draw characters correct? I wish to commission you.


You do other peoples commissions first, if they pay more? So, say your first commission; they request a commission for 1500. If another developer after that requested one and payed 1600, you would do theirs first?


Very supportive and talented. Definitely recommend!!


Hi, i vouch for @iiLilia. Her work is at high quality and the service is very quick. She provides sketches and keeps you informed at all times of any changes! Highly recommend.
(Note the guy with the flame is the one she made for me) :slight_smile:

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So I usually spread how much I work on a commission over a few days, but if you do pay more I will focus on finishing it only, first. Does that make sense?

Yes, feel free to add me on discord

Updated and opened, added image examples in the portfolio bit and am now also selling sketches.

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Wow! I am extremely impressed with these. I find these prices are very reasonable and maybe even a bit cheap. I will definitely contact you in the future for a logo.

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Hi! I added you on discord :slight_smile: My name on there is just Riley.

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Do you accept USD? Added you on discord


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