Disappearing Code

The bug causes lines of code to be infinitely lost. (Found by @SkeletalReality)

Apparently closing and reopening the script fixes it.


Could you make your bug report self-contained? Linking to a tweet is not really the best way of reporting bugs.

Here are the steps to report bugs:

Describe the bugs in words as well as imagery.


I don’t have access to studio, so this was really the thing I could do.

This isn’t exactly what you mentioned it is…

Here’s the rundown of this bug report:

When you hide a block of code using the arrows and end the function or whatever it is, it’ll remove the option to show the code.

However, when you re-open the script, it will expand and return your code. You don’t lose the lines of code infinitely as OP mentioned. Additionally, deleting what you wrote will also expand the block of code again.

The bug? It removes the ability to view the block of code again unless you re-open the script or delete what you wrote that caused the issue.


Yeah this bug has been annoying me for the past month and a half. I don’t ever collapse my functions because of this.

Thank you for this.

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