DISBLOX - The future of Webhooks linked to Roblox

We all know that linking Webhooks to Roblox can be hard sometimes, and a community for a game may need a feature such as calling a MR. But it all requires Discord Webhooks and scripting. With DISBLOX, Webhooks linked to Roblox Scripts (lua) are easier.


Before you can start using DISBLOX, you will need to insert the model into Roblox Studio.

Link: DISBLOX - Roblox


Need help on how to use DISBLOX? Check out the official DISBLOX website.

Extra Info

I have decided to add some extra info for people who would like to know.

  1. How many Webhooks can DISBLOX through a Script? As many as you want, but there will have to be a cooldown or it’ll break.

  2. Is DISBLOX open source? Yes, it is.

  3. Will more things get added to DISBLOX? Yes, in the future there will be more things you can add.

  4. Does DISBLOX sync with regular lua code? Yes, if you have knowledge with lua, you can extend your Webhooks even more.

  5. Is credit required? No, credit is not required but is highly appreciated.


If your game is needing players, DM me on Discord (CoolGreatXD2010#2012) for a chance to have your game showcased in the Latest Advertised Games function on the API. (Note, it will happen in the next update)

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Can u add like images for it? And tell what it does?

I just red now lol sorry. I will use it cuz idr discord wehbook data tables.

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I’ve looked through the code, and I don’t think this is even close to “the future of webhooks”.

  1. it’s not modular, so it can’t be used outside of that script
  2. useless wait() before the function starts (you shouldn’t even use wait() anymore, it’s deprecated)
  3. no support for embeds or extra data

I would rather use Proxhook, due to it’s built-in rate limter and gives support for extra features, like embeds and images

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This is the first version of DISBLOX, again features are still to be added.
(That is actually planned for a future update though!)

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There are images on the website.

Quick announcement:

What's New

DISBLOX just has a recent update, you can view the changelog on our website.

To Web Developers

Are you a Web Developer looking to extend features for DISBLOX?
Now you can! With plugins, you can improve the DISBLOX experience.
DM me on Discord with your final product of a plugin and I will see if it should
be added. (Cool1234greatttt#0628)

Is this a good update?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Could do better.

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This wouldn’t even work because its using default discord webhook links which was blocked by discord. Discord webhooks are very easy to use on your own without needing a module (yours is not even a module when it should be, I might add), unless the module has built in ratelimiting like @noxiirity referenced with Proxhook.