Discord and Trello API Communication bots

I made these bots to extend the access developers have to the discord and trello APIs. Using this you can not only access the “GET” and “POST” web APIs for these services but also the “PUT”, “PATCH”, and “DELETE” web APIs. There is a free usage tier (on a free host) aswell as a paid usage tier (contact me for a key to use my cloud api which hosts my CBRS services and runs on google’s infrastructure.)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Also yes this does use a module but if you want to look at the module source codes I have made them freely available. I simply put them in a module for ease of updates if need be.

Each script has detailed information on how to use them. Using this service I have successfully made a discord x roblox chat system aswell as a completely roblox hosted discord x roblox account link/verify system. I’m sure there are more creative uses for this but that’s up to you.


Although I’m no Http wizard and usually use my own functions and API raw off the developers page of any 3rd party service, looks like some good stuff.

I’d like to point out to everyone that error logging via discord is banned - don’t do it!


It isn’t banned, it’s just that you hit max requests xD

No, it’s explicitly banned by Discord.

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Show me were?
As i’ve searched the api page of discord, up and down, and on google.
Nothing says anything about that.

This is the only thing i’ve found.

< HTTP/1.1 429 TOO MANY REQUESTS < Content-Type: application/json< Retry-After: 6457 < X-RateLimit-Limit: 10 < X-RateLimit-Remaining: 0 < X-RateLimit-Reset: 1470173023 { "message": "You are being rate limited.", "retry_after": 6457, "global": false}

Repotted got sent this:

I use error reporting my self, and never had this issue.
Perhaps his “errors” are occurring to many times xD

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The email says using Discord for logging is not allowed. It’s not an issue of rate – logging is not allowed even if you don’t go over the rate limits.


I see no such thing at all, on their site.
If discord has problems with logging, they should have denied api acess.
Or informed people.
Witch they only did on a individual basis on this case.

Webhooks aren’t meant for logging. I’d recommend you migrate to a logging service that actually allows it like Bugsnag before discord deletes your webhooks.


If you are going to ignore warnings don’t go crying for help when your account gets shutdown.

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beef got real

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I followed up with the Discord employee that contacted @Repotted, and I stand corrected. Logging is fine on Discord so long as it’s not excessive (reaching the rate limits). That being said, they would prefer if you tried to cut back on logs (doing some filtering in-game or with Sentry/etc) so you’re not using up their resources.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation over email:

I followed up with him earlier and he gave me the impression that that specific action wasn’t allowed. Glad this is cleared up.