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I heard there was a situation regarding discord APIs blocking Roblox or something like that. I was wondering if they are completely like shut off so you cant send anything from a Roblox game to a discord server or only certain things… Anyone know??

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Discord blocked all web hook requests from Roblox game servers, you have to use a proxy or find another service to replace it.

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Is there a particular reason why Discord decided to do this? Just curious

Because developers would use the API to log bulk actions or something which could (and possibly did) overload Discord’s servers.

EDIT: This is just what I heard from sources. I don’t know if this is true or not.

Interesting, thanks for the information!

the only way you can get past it without proxys etc is doing it in studio lol. Since studios “Id” is different from the actual game one. Discord blocked the game one but not studio.

it was banned because it’s in violation of discord’s tos

what part of the ToS?

i don’t really know, but discord said themselves that’s why they don’t allow it.

Lots of threads about this already. A reason stated by a developer at Discord is that a large percentage of requests coming from Roblox were invalid, thus literally just killing their bandwidth for no reason. Also, Discord shouldn’t be used for logging.


I believe that removing webhooks from Roblox to Discord is a good idea as it blocks almost all MGUI’s (games that attempt to steal your password)

As @Darkmist101 had stated you can use a proxy but I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

Roblox has taken up large masses of the bandwidth that discord uses and is not made for your personal storage.

Discord blocked Roblox because a plugin was sending malformed requests and because most requests made were malformed, among other things.

Because over the past week, 88% of requests from the “Roblox/WinInet” that hit our API were invalid. We’ve decided to block the user-agent from talking to our API out-right. (Tweet)

Specifically, sections 2.6 and 2.7 of our API Terms of Service were being violated, 2.6 because distributing tokens in plugins is not allowed, and the ROBLOX http client does not return headers/status codes, making it impossible to build a script compliant with our API Tos (2.7) (Tweet)


The person from Discord giving the reason why this happened (https://twitter.com/lolpython/status/967211620970545153) said people are “more than welcome” to send their webhook connections through proxies, so I don’t see a reason why not to do so.

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If you’re still interested in using Discord webhooks on Roblox, I host a public proxy.

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