Discord to Roblox commands

In my game, I have chat logs and admin commands already set up.
If I catch someone doing something bad in my chat logs, I want to kick or ban them.
The easiest solution would be to get the link to that server so I can join, but that’s only possible with private servers.

Is there any way to connect Discord TO Roblox?
(for instance, on a Discord channel I type “/kick PLAYER1” and it kicks them from the game)

Would that be possible to do? And if yes, then how would I do it?

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Discord-To-Roblox Ban bot (100% Free) This topic may help you.

Funny your name is BlackSpace because for my Group called Black Space I use a system Discord To Roblox.

^ Take note player not found because he was not found in-game.

What you will need is:

  • An External DataBase
  • An Discord Bot

When you kick players from Discord you add a new value to the database, passing by an API to convert the Username to RobloxID then when the DataBase has stored the data, make a while wait(5) do do check all players ID to see if they fit with the data send by the database if yes then kick the player, you can also add more values do it, example Kick Reason, etc…
To make sure I have a return to see if he was kicked I do if the player kicks then remove from Roblox the database value and make in the discord a check to see if its remove then the player got kicked if after 6 sec the Discord cmd check the RobloxID in the database is still here then its delete it and return a player not found.

So Discord to Roblox cmds don’t exist by Function you must pass by a DataBase.

I use FireBase, this may help you.


How would I send data from Discord to the database?

PS: It’s BACKspace not BLACK haha

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Discord to DataBase is very easy, just send JSON Data to the DataBase.

There a lot of tutorial not roblox related tho.
I use node.js and JSON to send data.

What do you mean by doing something bad? You should not give out commands that could be abused. Or when abused to some level, you should automate the system to ban them for you.
How did you set up chat logs?

Discord does not want any error reports or logs from Roblox. They even send out emails with warning about termination if it persists.

MessagingService could possibly be your solution (if there aren`t any better ones). You can hop into random game and just send player name to all servers. Server checks for players and if there is player named … then server can finish the request.

Discord will not send this data as its my DataBase that will, and roblox will not block it because its sending 1 Data like a value and just check it, Discord will have not communication to that Discord just send data to the Database and roblox read Data from the Database.

But yes roblox chatlogs Roblox to Discord may get blocked as Webhook got a max value.

I use webhook to notify my discord of a event in-game but when its not use at all times that they can send or edit.

Like Roblox DataStore, APIs, Firebase, Discord Webhook: they have Max Data/Per min.

Im not giving out commands, it’s just an admin system that I can give to certain people.

The chat logs are literally just sending what a player types in chat over to Discord through a webhook.

And by doing somethimg bad I mean, keeps harrassing people, exploits, etc.

Point is that you cannot send everything that player writes. Depending on the load, Discord will contact you and tell you to stop. If it`s relatively small game, then its fine, but imagine Adopt Me sending chat logs…

And like Trystanus added, there is Max Data/per min for API.

I guess that would be the way to go, but I actually never made a Discord bot before, nor have I used FireBase.

This is just too confusing for me