Discord to Roblox Game Verification

What does this do?

It allows users to verify their Discord account to their Roblox account using a Roblox game, similar to Rover verification


This bot doesn’t have commands like whois, robloxsearch, etc. This only has the ‘verify’ command. You would need to code other commands on your own. I also know that Glitch is horrible with uptime now that they banned stuff like UPR. I already programmed and tested this before I got some advice on my last post, though I’m proud of this and want to release it as is since I’ve never seen a thing like this on the DF

What does this bot look like?

verify - https://gyazo.com/f446ae133fc01d2a040e00931458f6e4

How do we (you guys) get it?

Just follow the steps below!

Step 1

Sign into your Glitch.com account if you have one, if not, create one!

Step 2

Make a project, it can be any type - https://gyazo.com/f6f1dda916507fe42a518f20c6116e69

Step 3

Delete all the project files, you’ll be ending up deleting/overwriting them anyways. Your project should now look something like this - https://gyazo.com/97621557d79c873a371b87532bd9a568

Step 4

Open Terminal - https://gyazo.com/8bb540e6602f053e914921a369d5f33d
Type these commads in the command line

wget -O .env https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zachariapopcorn/discord-roblox-verification-game/master/.env
wget -O package.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zachariapopcorn/discord-roblox-verification-game/master/package.json
wget -O db.js https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zachariapopcorn/discord-roblox-verification-game/master/db.js
wget -O index.js https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zachariapopcorn/discord-roblox-verification-game/master/index.js
npm install @keyv/sqlite discord.js express keyv noblox.js got

You can delete the ‘.wget-hsts’ file if you wish. It’s not needed

Step 5

Find the code where it says ‘got(“DIRECT GLITCH URL”);’ replace DIRECT GLITCH URL with your direct Glitch url
Open the ‘.env’ file, you should see a screen that looks like this

Step 6

Configure the bot
token = The token (or login) the bot will use to login to Discord (read this if you don’t know how to get your Discord bot token)
prefix = The character that the bot listens to for commands
gameID = The game ID that the bot got linked to, used only to link the command author to the verification place
verifiedRole = The role name that the command author gets after verification, case sensitive

Step 7

Make a new directory called data and put a file named db.sqlite in it - https://gyazo.com/ea7ed2dae757a34c8c0f805d03062bdb

Step 8

Now that you are configured and ready to go to the next step, it’s time to use Roblox. Please download the RBXM file from here

Step 9

Place the content of the RBXM file in a Roblox place - https://gyazo.com/da5eac0f0f8ecb91330127018b213b60

Step 10

Open the script named ‘VerifyGUILoader’
There you will find a variable called glichURL that’s equal to ‘DIRECT URL ON GLITCH’
To find this url, please follow what this gif is doing: https://gyazo.com/ff0696f7f22e025bb2bec9f3eb2a9287
Once copied, paste that into that value and add a ‘/’ to the end of it

Step 11

Locate the server script in VerifyGUILoader.Verify.Main.Submit.Script
Paste in the same url that you put in the VerifyGUILoader for the glichURL variable
For the key variable, go back to your .env file and copy the value of the key that you put in and paste it for the key variable in Roblox

Step 12

Everything should be setup and finished

End result

Conclusion of post

Thanks for reading my post on Discord to Roblox Game Verification. If you do like this, you can show your kindness by liking this post, or maybe spreading the word, that’s up to you. If you wish to add something to this bot, make a PR or add a request on the replies, I’m all ears. Anyways, good day and good bye.


Just a note, Glitch is not a reliable hosting solution. I recommend buying a VPS from DigitalOcean or some other VPS Service. DigitalOcean is only $5 a month ($7 In AUD).


Why would someone use this over RoVer, out of interest?

What is your use case here.


Yeah honestly I’d stick with RoVer API

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RoVer is decent, but it has downtime… I use Bloxlink instead, which has almost 0 downtime and has a few more features than RoVer

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Rover is closed sourced while this is open sourced. I’ve seen people ask for something like this, so that’s why I made it in the first place. If this were closed sourced, yes I would agree that Rover is more advanced then this, I wrote this as like a starting tool for people

Hi, RoVer (the bot) is open sourced you can freely download its source code. However it’s website and game are closed source.

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Oh really? I thought all of it was closed sourced

How would you actively host this as Glitch UpTimeRobot hosting is gone. woosh

It would use pings from the Roblox game to keep it alive

To everyone looking to host their Glitch projects 24/7:
pinging the local express server to keep it alive has been disabled by the Glitch team, however a cleaner alternative that is exactly the same as Glitch is repl.it, which allows you to constantly host your bot without being stopped. This still requires pinging the local server with UptimeRobot though.

I followed every step. Then when I hit submit(In a public game.) nothing happens so…

Edit: Had a friend test nothing happened

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RoVer isn’t closed source.

Fully open source - even the premium features. Just have to host it yourself.

@unix_system Yea, someone mentioned that the bot was completly open sourced, but the game and website weren’t, my bad.

@FrostedStxrm Is there any error in the Glitch or Roblox console?

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I do not have my laptop on me so I will check tonight but great idea!

Nope, no mistake in the game or glitch. I tried remaking the game. (its public so I mean that’s no issue.)

Maybe manually try to do something like this in the console

local hs = game:GetService("HttpService")
local res = hs:GetAsync("GLITCH URL/verify?username=NAME HERE&key=KEY YOU PUT IN THE .ENV FILE")

And what do you mean by ‘it doesn’t do anything’, that that mean it doesn’t role, doesn
t respond to commands, or what? @FrostedStxrm

Both of the last two and the code will be put in tonight.

This is’t working for me. The npm command is not working on Glitch.

Refresh your page, that should fix it