Discord to Roblox - How does this work?

I am not a scripter, but I was wondering if you could send things to your roblox game using a Discord Bot. As you know, roblox can read trello and can send things to trello; you can also send things to discord webhooks from your game, but can you send things from a Discord Bot to the game itself?

It’s a short topic, but its something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now.

Using HttpService, you need to fire a specific table encoded in JSON, which then is a POST request(I think?). Otherwise it is a GET request for reading.

Apparently you can find other topics similiar to this. Here’s an example tutorial on the HttpService:


Hm, so would this work through a Discord Bot, using JSON data?

I guess you can say that? It is not a bot, but a webhook:

You can use a webhook to send data to a discord channel. If you want to actually send it to a bot you’re going to need some kind of post handling on the bot side.

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