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Is it possible to kick someone from a game using Trello or would I have to use firebase to be able to kick them ONCE

You could do it only one time by removing their card from the list when you kick them. Trello doesn’t really like it when people use their API as a database tho so if you already know how to use Firebase then that would be the safer alternative.

Hm how would I do that in .js because I add the card then remove it.

If you’re adding the card then immediately deleting it then you might as well skip trello all together. You can keep an array of ‘ToKick’ userid’s in the web server’s code and just add/remove them from there as needed. No sense making a bunch of external calls to Trello for what should be internal state.

Do you know how to get the ListId because the .json way doesn’t work.

check the trello api. it has methods for things like getting all lists on a board.

Also quick question how do I make it kick someone if they are already in the game because trello is kinda confusing.

Are you sure there’s any reason to be using trello here? I think that may be overcomplicating the process.

There’s no way to send http requests to game servers from web servers, so you’ll have to do something like long polling to keep outgoing connections alive then responding to them when you need to communicate from the web server to the game server.