Discourse tutorial bug

Hello everyone,

Ever since the Devforum switched to the automated entry process, I’ve been trying to get access to the forum. In the progress of trying to get into the forum, I came across several posts with information on how to earn the member rank. One of those posts said to complete the Discourse tutorial from Discobot. I’ve looked everywhere and can’t seem to find the message that should’ve been sent to me by Discobot. Attached is a screenshot of my Devforum inbox, showing no message from Discobot at all. How do I go about completing this tutorial if I never received the message?

That post from earlier this year should help :hidere:


Unrelated, but completing the new and advanced user tutorial does not influence/affect the promotion process to member.


That’s true. Also, just go message @discobot and say @discobot start tutorial

Edit: Btw, how could you send this message, without being promoted to Member? Completing the tutorial is unnecessary, but preferred.

You answered your question quite well by yourself. I’ve since been automatically promoted without doing the tutorial, but would still like to complete it.

Bro, just follow these instructions

I’ve already done that, even marked a solution.

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